What We’re Reading: Dungeons & Dragons & AI

9 Apr 2023

A movie set in the world of the nerdiest pastime ever, “Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves,” topped the U.S. box office this past weekend. Artificial intelligence is the biggest technology story of the moment. Where do these two things intersect? In this incredible story about using ChatGPT4 as the dungeon master in a game of D&D with the writer’s children. This is a subject admittedly near and dear to my heart, but I’m mentioning it this week as an example of the upside of generative AI.
As we enter into the fourth month of what people are calling “The Year of AI,” there’s a potent mix of fear, excitement, confusion, and optimism about what will come next. And the fact is, no one knows. A number of tech luminaries wrote an open letter to AI companies last week, asking that their AI exploration be capped at the current level (OpenAI’s GPT4) until some industry guardrails are put in place. One of the signatories, AI expert Rafe Brena, PhD, writes about why he agreed to sign the letter, even though he thinks it’s missing key things. Meanwhile, investor Hunter Walk argues that instead of asking AI companies to slow down, we need to ask them to move even faster by providing safe harbor provisions similar to other laws that have helped enable the internet we know today. And Mia Dand, the founder of Women in AI Ethics, presents a helpful timeline of the recent revolutions in AI ethics to serve as a reminder that “women and others from marginalized communities around the world are fighting an uphill battle to keep humanity safe from the harms of recklessly developed and deployed AI.”
Also: It’s National Poetry Month in the U.S., and we’re celebrating some of the many incredible poets on Medium by collecting and sharing poetry all month long — for more, read “Why Poetry Matters” over on the Medium blog. Poetry’s one topic among many you can explore in depth on Medium; if you’re interested in finding more, please head over to our newly added topics directory. Think of it as a map to Medium, with more to come.

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