Amazing Facts About Kenya

26 Jan 2023

Kenya is a country in Eastern Africa whose official name is the Republic of Kenya. It is said that humanity started in this country. Similarly, the people of this country do not care about anything. Even though this country is considered a poor country compared to other countries but you can find very kind heart people all over Kenya.

Furthermore, Kenyan people like coffee very much. Kenya girls are very beautiful and it is said that it is the home of dusky beauty. The people of this country are very much laborious. In this article, we will share some information on amazing facts about Kenya.

Kenya Quick Facts

The official name of Kenya: Republic of Kenya

Area: 580,367 square kilometres

Population: 48.2 million

Population density: 78/km2

GDP (2020): $109.116 Billion

Continent: Africa

Capital: Nairobi

Language: English, Swahili

Official Languages: Swahili

Largest by area: 48th largest country

Religion: Christianity -85.5%, Islam -10.9%

Government: Unitary presidential constitutional republic

Currency: Kenyan Shilling (KES)

Time Zone: UTC+3 (East Africa Time)

25 facts about Kenya

1. People run on the road with naked legs

It is one of the amazing facts about Kenya. Every night more than 2.6 million to 2.7 million people run on the road with naked legs. Because they prepare themself as a good athlete in the coming day.

2. Kenya lies in Eastern Africa

Kenya is a country in Eastern Africa.

3. Official Name of Kenya

The official name of Kenya is the Republic of Kenya. It is also known as Jamhuri ya Kenya.

4. Area of Kenya

This country is spread over a total of 5,80,367 square kilometres. According to the area, it is the 48th largest country in the world.

5. Population of Kenya

The population of this country is 48.2 million according to the census 2020. It comes 29th on the list of the most populous countries in the world.

6. Neighboring country of Kenya

In the neighbouring country of Kenya, you found South Sudan is in the North West, and Ethiopia is in the North. Somalia lies East of Kenya and west part of Kenya you found Uganda. Similarly, in the southern part of Kenya, you found Tanzania, and in the southeast part of Kenya, you found the Indian ocean.

7. Best country for Safaris

If you love safaris, then this country can be the perfect destination for you. Every year millions of tourists come from different countries to take pleasure in safaris in Kenya. You can see different wild animals during your safaris. You become afraid of seeing the wild animals but you enjoy every moment.

8. Kenya was a slave of Britain

The history of the country of Kenya has been full of slaves. For more than a hundred years, Kenya was a slave of Britain. On 12 December 1963, Kenya became independent from Britain. Just a year after this country adopted the constitution. IT declared itself a republic country.

9. Man can keep more than one wife

Kenya is a country where any man can keep more than one wife with him. It was legal in Kenya that one man marries more than one woman. It means to say that you can get married as many times as you want. Your former wife will not be able to stop you.

10. Two official languages

In Kenya, you found two official languages. One is English and the other is Swahili. However, 60 per cent of the people in Kenya speak only the local language (Swahili).

11. Happiest people in the world 

In the survey, it has been found that even after having less money, Kenyan people were so much happier than other countries'' people. Jamaica comes first on the list then Kenya comes second on the list. Where people do have not much money but spend their life much happier.

12. Amazing dowry culture

Boys in this country can marry more than once. Dowry is also allowed on the woman. You will be surprised to know that here dowry starts with 10 cows. It means to say that you have to give at least 10 cows to someone along da way.

13. Popular Athletes

Kenya athletes are famous all over the world. Whether half marathon or split, you will find it mostly from Kenya. It is the god gifted to the people of Kenya. The people of Kenya are very much active in sports. Every day they build themself to the winner of the tournament.

14. Mostly naked legs athletes in Kenya

In Kenya, you found that most athletes run without shoes. Every day 2.6 million to 2.7 million people run on the road in Kenya. AMostoll people run with naked legs. It is one of the respect given by the Kenyan people for their sport.

15. The Main source of income in Kenya

Kenya is one of the biggest exporters of coffee in the world. The money of this country comes from coffee export. In Kenya coffee is produced on large scale. You will also be surprised to know that coffee is not quite popular among the people of Kenya. The people of Kenya either drink tea or drink beer but they didn't drink coffee.

16. Buses are not means of transport in Kenya

You will be very surprised to know that there are no official means of transport in Kenya. Roadways buses do not run in this country. You can only see the vans walking on the roads of Kenya. In Kenya, you found most troubles with vehicles.

17. Kenya is also called Flower Garden

Do you know that Kenya is also called the flower garden? Because it comes third in the world in the production of roses. Rose flowers are exported from Kenya on a large scale. As coffee, Rose is also one of the biggest sources of income. Additionally, tourism contributes to the third position as the biggest source of income in Kenya and the government collects large revenue from all three.

18. Most European come to visit Kenya

There are very few people who come to visit Kenya from Asia, South America, Nand north America. But a large number of people come from Europe to see Kenya's beauty.

19. Land of birds

You will be surprised to know that the country of Kenya is also called the land of birds. The highest number of birds is found in Kenya. Around eleven hundred thirty-two different kinds of birds live in this country.

20. Strictest law regarding plastic bags

In Kenya, there is the strictest law in the world regarding plastic bags. If anyone is caught making plastic bags in this country or is caught while selling plastic bags then he is sent to four years of imprisonment or a USD 20,000 fine.

21. Some parts of Lake Victoria also lie in Kenya

One of the second-largest freshwater lakes in the world Lake victoria parts lies in Kenya. Lake Victoria is spread over three countries. Forty-nine per cent in Tanzania, forty-five per cent in Uganda, and six per cent in Kenya. A large number of tourists come here to look at this beautiful lake.

22. Maasai Tribes are found in Kenya

The Maasai tribes are a Nilotic ethnic group that is mainly found in northern, central, and southern Kenya. Similarly, you can also find the Maasai tribes in northern Tanzania. These Maasai tribes are very much popular in the world for their culture and their lifestyle.

More than 1 million Maasai people live in Kenya and Tanzania according to the census 2019.

The people of this tribe do not follow government rules and laws. But they have their own rules and laws. Covering all aspects of their lives, the Maasai community has an elderly male head of the group and his decisions are the last decision for all. All Maasai people follow his decision. Even today, their thinking is very different from ours.

23. Hunting is also banned in Kenya

Hunting is forbidden in Kenya. You can enjoy your safari, but if you hit any animal then you will be in jail for life.

24. Capital of Kenya

Nairobi is the capital of Kenya and it is also the largest city of Kenya. In the capital city of Kenya, you do not get any government transport facility.

But you can see lots of malls in Nairobi. Similarly, if you love the nightlife then you can have fun freely in Nairobi. In this capital city, you find a nightclub every hundred meters away.

25. Kenyan girls are very much friendly

In Kenya, you found the girls are very much friendly. If you build a friendship with them then they give help you in each moment on the Kenya tour. Additionally, the girls are very much active in dancing and dancing for a longer time. If you compete with them at dancing you mostly lose every time because they don't get tired.

26. Morden Human Evolution Start from Kenya

You will be surprised to know that many scientists say that the Morden man's evolution started in Kenya. If Morden came first in the world, then he is coming from Kenya.

Let me tell you that the oldest skeletons of humans have been found in Kenya. This indicates that perhaps humanity originated from this country.

27. The First president of America visit Kenya

Do you know which of the presidents of America visited this country for the first time? Barack Obama is the first president of America who visits Kenya for the First time. Before and after him, no one of the US presidents went on a tour of Kenya.

28. Amazing Varieties of Foods 

Foods in Kenya will be fantastic and you found amazing varieties of foods with exotic flavours. If you eat non-veg, then many varieties can enjoy with more flavours.

29. Popular food in Kenya

The most famous food in Kenya is Choma. It is a non-veg food and it is made by roasting it. This dish is very popular among the people of Kenya. Similarly, Ugali, Sukuma Wiki, Gweno & Aliya, Onyoso (ants), Ng'en (termites), and Dede (grasshoppers).

30. Fishbones are used while building houses

In Kenya and another country in Africa Tunisia, there is a belief that fishes have so much power that they can eliminate any evil appearance. With this thinking, many people of Kenya started using fise bones while building their houses. They say that if there are fish bones in the walls of the house, then no negative power of evil will enter their house.

Kenya tourism facts

31. Popular Tourist Attraction place

Kenya's national parks and resorts are famous all over the world. The major tourist attraction is the Nairobi National park which is hugely famous among tourists. Nairobi National Park is situated in the heart of the capital city of Kenya. In this National park, you can see such exotic giraffes which are rarely seen in such natural surroundings.

Masai Mara Reserve and Amboseli National park are famous for lions, elephants, and rhinoceros. These two national parks are famous destinations for tourists.

32. Second Largest city in Kenya

Mombasa is the second-largest city in Kenya after Nairobi. It is a multicultural city with a diverse population of local people and other countries people. You can also see the different architectural buildings in this city.

The city is also known for its beautiful sandy beaches, museums, and historical places like the Old Town and Fort Jesus.

33. Currency of Kenya

The currency of Kenya is Kenyan Shilling (KES). The 1 Kenyan Shilling is approximately equal to 0.0089 United States Dollars.

34. Unsafe for tourists at night time

It is better if you don't come out to different cities during the night in Kenya. Especially in Nairobi. There are many such places where the crime rate is more than the limit in Kenya. If you do not have any local person with you then it is better not to come out from your shelter place. Mainly tourists are targeted and they kidnap tourists at night time. Be aware of it.

35. The highest mountain in Kenya

Mount Kenya is the highest mountain in Kenya and the second-highest mountain in Africa.

36. Largest tea producer

Kenya is the third-largest tea producer in the world after China and India.

37. Largest Animal Migration on Earth

In July, a great migration of animals occurs to Kenya from Tanzania. Millions of nomadic species are going to Kenya from Tanzania. It is considered the largest animal migration on earth from one place to another place.

38. Kenya is a Wildlife Haven

You can find all the big 5 animals in every national park in Kenya. From African Lion to elephant.

39. Tourist sector contributes high GDP of Kenya

The services and tourism sectors contribute more than 60% of Kenya's overall GDP. Similarly, this sector makes it their largest foreign exchange earning sector.

Interesting facts about Kenyan culture

There are more than seventeen ethnic groups in Kenya. Over the seventeen ethnic groups, more than 30 languages are spoken by them. You can see most of the Kenyans didn't were Western dresses. They have their dress and they look cool. Similarly, you can find different types of metal as well as jewellery beads in most Kenyan necks. This is their culture for wearing such beads.

The peoples of Kenya are so much amazing and beautiful. You can see such an amazing cultural practice that made all the Kenyans different from others.

Kenya facts for kids

  • The origin of the name Kenya itself is not clear but its name Kenya links with the three words Kirinyaga, Kiinyaa, and Kirenyaa. Those words mean God's resting place.
  • Kenya lies directly at the equatorial line. If you take the map of the world and make a straight line at equatorial then you can see that the equatorial passes directly through the middle of Kenya.
  • The total population of Kenya is 48.2 million.
  • 3.5 % of the total population of Kenya lives in city areas.
  • Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya.
  • The popular speaking language of Kenya is Swahili.
  • The meaning of Swahili is Coast.
  • In Kenya, you found most of the Gold.
  • Kenya is divided into 47 Semi-Autonomous Counties.
  • Busy Airport of Kenya is Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta (JATA: NOB)
  • Some important places in Kenya are the National Peace Love & Unity Monument, Jomo Kenyatta Statue, Giraffe Center & Giraffe Hotel, Bomas of Kenya, Ruins of Gedi, Ruins of Mnarani, Ruins of Takwa Milinga, Ruins of Diani, Ruins of Pate, Ruins of Shaka, Siyu Fort, Uhuru Gardens Memorial Park, Hyrax Prehistoric Site & Museum, African Heritage Houses, Nairobi Gallery, etc.
  • The longest river in Kenya is the Tana River.
  • 54 National Parks are in Kenya.
  • The largest National park in Kenya is Tsavo National park.

What is Kenya famous for

Kenya is famous for beautiful sandy beaches, museums, and historical places like the Old Town and Fort Jesus. Similarly, Kenya's national parks & resorts, Masai Mara Reserve, Amboseli National park, Amazing Varieties of foods, culture & traditions, Coffee, Roses, Maasai tribes, George Adamson's grave, The Carnivore Restaurant, Nairobi Railway Museum, Kitengela, Iten, Kenya (Home of the Champions), Maasai Ostrich Farm, and many more.

Kenya currency

Kenyan Shilling (KES) is the currency of Kenya.

Kenya Map

The map of Kenya is below:

Kenya weather

You can find the average temperature in Kenya. In the daytime, the temperature goes from 20°C/68°F and 28°C/82°F. You can feel both real winter and summer in Kenya because it lies at the equator line. Similarly, you can get experience both Dry and Wet Seasons in Kenya.

June, July, August, September & October are the coldest months in Kenya and the remaining months are summer.

If you go for the tour in Kenya, you will experience both Dry and Wet seasons.

In November & December, you found short rains in the afternoon and evening. Similarly, January & February belong to the start of the rainy season in Kenya where you found less rainfall.

In March, April & May you found the most rain. Humidity is higher in the coastal region so during these months you can see the humidity in Kenya also.

Kenya Geology

Kenya has natural landscapes. It is technically in a volcanic zone. 100 years ago there is a major volcanic eruption in Kenya at Emuruangogolak in the centre, west highlands.

In Kenya many popular people

Kenya is the home of many notable figures. The formal president Barack Obama's father Barack Hussein Obama Sr was born in Kenya. Similarly, Richard Dawkins the great biologist, David Rudisha a world record-breaking athlete, Fashion model Malaika Firth, Stekka Mwangi, Fadhili William, Eric Wainaina, Wangari Maathai, Jome Kenyatta the father of Kenya some most notable figures of Kenya.

In Conclusion

In this article, we discuss amazing facts about Kenya. It is a country that has its own unique cultures and traditions. You can not find single Culture in Kenya. Different tribes have their own cultures and tradition. All these amazing things you can see only in Kenya. If you plan to visit Kenya in the coming day then please let us know in a comment. Similarly, if you already visited Kenya then share your Kenya experience with us with the help of the comment.

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