What kind of country is Norway?

7 Feb 2023

Norway is known as the "paradise on earth". Norway is a highly developed country with excellent welfare benefits. Many people hope to visit Norway once in their lives to enjoy the charm.

Norway is located in Northern Europe, close to the Norwegian Sea to the west, across the sea from Denmark, to Sweden to the east, and neighbors to Finland and Russia to the north. The main ethnic groups in the territory are Norwegians and Sami people. The country is divided into one city, eighteen counties, and four hundred and fifty-four municipalities. The most populous place is Oslo: 615,000, Bergen: 243,000 Trondheim: 150,000 Stavanger: 110,000. From the perspective of population distribution, Norway is a small country.

Norwegian economy:

Before 1970, Norway was a backward and poor "European country" in other European countries. At that time, the economic pillars were agriculture, forestry, and fishery. Most of the food was imported. For a long time, most European countries looked down on Norway. The Norwegian government knew that if it wants to change its destiny, it can only rely on itself. On December 23, 1969, Norway discovered a large oil field. Norway quickly established a corresponding oil company. The whole country worked together to improve the oil industry. After decades of hard work, Oil has brought great wealth to the country and now Norway have enough funds to invest in national production.

In 2018, Norway’s national GDP reached 434.751 billion U.S. dollars , and per capita GDP reached 81,807 U.S. dollars. From the data alone, Norway is a highly developed country. It takes some effort to catch up with Norway. The overall economy of Norway is developed. The supply industry occupies a leading position in the domestic economy. Agriculture, forestry and fishery, foreign trade, and tourism all occupy a certain position in Norway. Service industry solving the 82.4% of country’s employment problem. The most prestigious companies in Norway are Statoil and Norwegian Hydro, both of which focus on petroleum and industry.

Norway welfare system:

In addition to its population and territory ranking low in the world, Norway welfare system is absolutely top of the world. When you first arrive in this country, you will find that it does not have high-rise buildings in domestic cities, no feasts, and no crowds. Living in this country, you can enjoy free education from kindergarten to university, which is extremely enviable.

Norwegian nationals can receive more than 160,000 Norwegian kroner pensions (equivalent to USD 18406) every year after retirement. Norwegian women can enjoy 46-56 weeks of vacation, of which 46 weeks can get full wages, and if they want to take a few more weeks, they can also get 80% of their wages. At the same time, each child can also enjoy 5-7 weeks of vacation. In addition, Norway Minors under the age of 18 can receive 11,640 kronor (equivalent to USD 1339) childcare subsidies each year.

As long as you have a Norwegian international or residence permit, you can enjoy the country’s free medical system, which means that you basically don’t need to spend money to see a doctor. In addition, Norway has various perfect welfare systems, so that Norwegian citizens can live without pressure, and this is the main reason Norway has become the world’s One of the happiest countries.

Some things about Norway

First, the average salary of Norwegians is around 4,431 Euros. From the perspective of wages, Norway is a high-wage country. In addition to wages, some people say that Norway is a high-priced country. I heard from a friend who has lived in Norway for many years that he only dared to buy vegetables but not meat in Norway. The beef produced in Norway is 300 Norwegian kroner per kilogram, 400 grams of tomatoes requires 25 Norwegian kroner.

Second, it takes a certain amount of courage to drive in Norway. Norwegians cost about US$7.82 per liter of gasoline, while the United States only costs US$2.99 ​​for refueling.

Third, the weather in Norway is relatively cold, it rains often, and the winter is very long. Especially in December, the sun is basically not visible, which makes many people feel depressed.

Fourth, many people who have lived or traveled in Norway will find that the Norwegian landscape is really beautiful. The green, majestic mountains, waterfalls, and glaciers are all beautiful. Many Norwegians will go out to have a look when they are on vacation. After all, living in such a country, if you don’t go and see, you really can’t stand the beauty.

In summary:

Norway is a country with a developed economy, people’s living pressure is low, there is no large gap between rich and poor. Life is very short. If you have the opportunity, you should go out, understand different scenery and feel different cultural characteristics.

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