Tea (Chai)

15 Dec 2022

Tea is a a beverage crop which are grown in many parts of the world like India, China, Indonesia , Sri lanka etc .
Tea is also called chai in our India.
It is very famous in India. People wake up in morning and start the day with a cup of chai. People are very addicted to chai.

How chai is made

Firstly on the gas and start burner 😂 it is very important then add one cup of milk + two cups of water then add some tea (chaipatti) and 2 spoon of sugar . Boil it for 3-4 minutes then add some ginger (good for health). Boil it for 2-4 minutes and your chai is ready . You can have your chai , if you like you can eat some biscuits with it . Its fantastic! In taste.

Types of tea

1. Black tea : Is basically the tea leaves that is highly oxidized. It is black in color.
2. White tea : It is very less oxidized as compared to black tea. It taste like creamy, soft and sweet.
3. Green tea : It is not oxidized to retain its natural flavor and color. Thia tea has more good flavor than other tea.
4. Lemon tea : lemon tea is a type of refreshing tea where lemon juice is added to black or green tea . It is ver good for health and helps in weight loss .
5. Oolong tea : It is partially oxidized and more often taste like green tea and its oxidation level lies between black and green tea.
6. Herbal tea : It is very natural and good for health. 100 % caffeine free.

Benefits of chai

1. There are different varieties of tea which boost your immune system.
2. It feels refreshing after drinking cup of tea .
3. Herbal tea is very good for health as it contains herbs, spices, fruits, and other plant leaves. Herbal tea doesn't contain caffeine.
4. Green tea helps in lowering cholesterol and also reduces blood clotting.
5. Also tea is good for heart health.

So if you are feeling lazy or falling asleep you can have a cup of chai and feel refreshing.

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