What’s SuperVerse Crypto and What Happened to the SuperFarm Token?

12 Mar 2024

If you were active in crypto during the previous cycle, odds are you’ve heard about SuperFarm. After all, there was a lot of hype around this project and its SUPER token. You’ll be happy to know that the project is still alive and kicking; however, it has rebranded, and SuperFarm is now called SuperVerse. So, what’s the SuperVerse crypto all about? Also, what happened to the SuperFarm token after the rebrand? Read on as we explore all things SuperVerse and analyze the SUPER crypto!

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First things first, we’ll initiate this article by covering the basics of the SuperVerse crypto project. And. to help you avoid any potential confusion, we’ll address the transition from SuperFarm to SuperVerse pretty early in this article. Plus, we’ll quickly cover how SuperVerse works. Next, we’ll take a closer look at the SuperVerse DAO. This is where you’ll explore the project’s governance. However, if you are interested in trading altcoins, learning more about the SUPER token will probably be your main concern. Fortunately, we’ll have several sections explaining the ins and outs of the SUPER crypto asset.
Aside from covering this cryptocurrency’s gist, we’ll go over SUPER’s tokenomics and historical price action. Plus, we’ll perform some technical analysis (TA) and even speculate on a SuperVerse price prediction. You’ll also learn how Moralis Money can help you determine if/when to buy $SUPER. And for those of you who may decide to get a bag of this crypto, we’ll also explain where and how to do so with ease using one of the best crypto trading tools on the market! 

What is SuperVerse (Formerly SuperFarm)?

SuperVerse, formerly known as SuperFarm, is an innovative ecosystem at the intersection of blockchain, NFTs, and gaming. At its core, SuperVerse introduces a blend of two dynamic components: an advanced NFT marketplace and engaging video games. At the heart of the SuperVerse crypto project lies the SUPER token, which we’ll cover later in this article.
The dynamic core components mentioned earlier – gaming and the NFT marketplace – are SuperVerse’s foundation. The NFT marketplace acts as a vibrant hub, fostering community engagement, creativity, and value exchange within the metaverse. Simultaneously, the gaming aspect of SuperVerse serves as a compelling onramp to Web3, believing that fun and inclusive games will be the gateway to introducing the first billion users to the metaverse.
SuperVerse recognizes the crucial role user experience plays in onboarding the first billion Web3 users. By prioritizing an intuitive and seamless user experience, SuperVerse aims to bridge the gap between Web2 users and Web3 natives. It aims to make the transition to blockchain technology more accessible and enjoyable.
All in all, SuperVerse, with its robust foundation and commitment to user-centric innovation, aims to emerge as a dynamic space where blockchain, NFTs, and gaming converge to shape the future of the metaverse.

What Happened to SuperFarm? The Transition to SuperVerse

SuperFarm, founded by Ellio Trades, initially emerged as a groundbreaking project in the crypto space. It was born in 2021 out of a vision to bring decentralized finance (DeFi) principles to the NFT sector. The project aimed to revolutionize the NFT landscape by introducing novel concepts like tokenized NFT farms. This idea provided users with unique and innovative ways to engage with digital assets.
As SuperFarm gained momentum, its evolution became inevitable. The transition from SuperFarm to SuperVerse marked a significant chapter in its journey. After all, it reflected the project’s commitment to adapt and grow in response to the dynamic crypto landscape. Ellio Trades introduced this transformation in a YouTube video in late November 2022, which was the time when SuperFarm embraced a new identity as the SuperVerse crypto project.

How SuperVerse Works

SuperVerse operates as a pioneering ecosystem at the intersection of NFT marketplaces and blockchain gaming. It is driven by a unified protocol (formerly known as SuperFarm) and the $SUPER token. As explained above, the foundational pillars of SuperVerse include robust NFT marketplace technology and immersive video games, all governed by a single protocol.
At its core, the SuperVerse crypto project leverages cutting-edge Web3 technology to create a seamless and engaging experience for users. The $SUPER token, serving as the governance backbone, empowers users to actively shape the direction of the platform. Furthermore, the transition from SuperFarm to SuperVerse signifies a strategic expansion with a focus on real-world utility and user-friendly interfaces.
GigaMart, SuperVerse’s flagship NFT marketplace, stands as the ultimate hub for enthusiasts, providing advanced tools for NFT traders. The marketplace is built on scalable, real-time infrastructure, offering a suite of features that surpass current market standards. 
In the realm of gaming, Impostors, a social-gaming metaverse, acts as a bridge between Web2 and Web3 gaming cultures. With a mission to empower creators and entertain players, Impostors has already gained a passionate community during its closed beta phase. 
In addition, the SuperVerse crypto project also offers staking of the SUPER token. This allows users to create a source of passive income and gives voting rights within the SuperVerse DAO.

SuperVerse DAO

The SuperVerse DAO stands as the democratic heart of the ecosystem, empowering $SUPER token holders to actively shape the trajectory of the platform. This decentralized autonomous organization, a pivotal component of SuperVerse’s evolution from SuperFarm, introduces a groundbreaking governance structure. 
The DAO unifies the diverse elements within the SuperVerse. It brings the NFT marketplace technology and gaming experiences under a single, community-driven protocol.
As outlined in the SuperVerse DAO governance proposal, token holders actively participate in decision-making processes. These concern fees, revenues, and overarching rules that govern both GigaMart and Impostors. Moreover, the DAO’s governance model revolves around a shared treasury, consolidating fees generated across the SuperVerse products. 
By aligning with the decentralized ethos of blockchain, SuperVerse ensures that the community has a direct say in the evolution of the platform, fostering transparency and collective decision-making. Through the SuperVerse DAO, the ecosystem is not just a product of innovation but a shared vision, collectively nurtured by the community for a sustainable and decentralized future.
You can read more about the SuperVerse DAO in the project’s documentation:

What is the SUPER Token From SuperVerse?

At the core of the SuperVerse crypto ecosystem lies the $SUPER token. As mentioned previously, the SUPER crypto asset is the driving force behind the ecosystem’s decentralized governance. Originally known as SuperFarm’s ERC-20 token, $SUPER has seamlessly transitioned to become the singular token of SuperVerse, fostering a unified governance structure.

Use Case and Purpose

$SUPER is the key that unlocks the potential of SuperVerse’s dual verticals: the NFT marketplace technology and the immersive gaming experiences. Token holders wield decision-making power within the SuperVerse DAO. As covered above, the ones who stake SUPER get to actively participate in shaping the future rules, fees, and revenues generated by flagship products like GigaMart and Impostors. The $SUPER token thus serves as both a symbol of community engagement and a tool for decentralized governance.

SUPER Crypto Token’s Tokenomics

Here’s the gist of the SUPER crypto asset’s tokenomics:

  • Token name: SuperFarm Token
  • Symbol/ticker: SUPER or $SUPER
  • Network:
    • Ethereum (originally)
    • Polygon
    • BNB Smart Chain
    • Energi
  • Token type: ERC-20 (Ethereum)
  • Smart contract address: 0xe53ec727dbdeb9e2d5456c3be40cff031ab40a55 (Ethereum)
  • Total supply: 1,000,000,000 $SUPER
  • Circulating supply: Approximately 51,17 of the total supply (on November 29, 2023)
  • Token minting timestamp: February 21, 2021, at 00:10:57 (+UTC) 
  • Initial token allocation (% of the total supply):
    • 25% staking
    • 10% founders and advisors
    • 10% development
    • 9% ecosystem
    • 5% NFT drops
    • 5% seed
    • 1% liquidity
    • 1% IDO
    • 9% P1
    • 15% P2
    • 10% P3

The SUPER tokenomics aligns with the ethos of SuperVerse, fostering a balance between development support and community empowerment. You can read more about the SUPER tokenomics in the project’s documentation.

SuperVerse Crypto Price Analysis

The above weekly chart on a logarithmic scale entails the entire price action of the SUPER crypto coin so far. As you can see, the token started trading in February 2021 at around $0.16. As the rest of the crypto market was on the rise back then, the token increased by roughly 27-fold by the end of March 2021. This is also when $SUPER set its current all-time high (ATH), which sits just above $4.5, on some markets as high as $4.74.
As the crypto market dumped after its peak in the spring of 2021, so did the price of SUPER. In fact, the token lost more than 93% of its value by June 26, when it dipped to $0.30. From that low, SUPER went on another run as Bitcoin recovered. However, unlike $BTC, the SUPER crypto asset didn’t set its new ATH. Instead, it was rejected by the “0.382” Fibonacci retracement level, which was just below $2.
After that local top in mid-November 2021, $SUPER entered a bearish season. Over the next 13 months or so, the asset lost approximately 96% of its value compared to its local top in mid-November 2021. However, the price found strong support at the $0.08 level. 
Then, as the crypto markets started to recover, so did SUPER. From the end of December 2022 to mid-April 2023, it increased by approximately 150% percent. But then, it was heavily rejected at the $0.2 level, which pushed the token into a new downtrend. The latter ended with a new all-time low (ATL) price at $0.071 on October 19.
However, that capitulation served as a spring, which catapulted the SUPER crypto asset into a massive 571% rally in just 37 days:      

SuperVerse Crypto TA

By using the basics of TA, we get to chart the asset’s key levels of support and resistance. This can be done on different timeframes; however, a weekly scale is typically the most appropriate for a full-picture approach:
The above chart includes all the levels of significance. The thicker lines mark the most important supports and resistances. So, these are the approximate values of the SUPER crypto token’s most important levels:

  • $0.079 
  • $0.12
  • $0.15-$0.18
  • $0.37
  • $0.57
  • $1
  • $2
  • $3.5

As such, it is clear that $SUPER is currently in a crucial region. After all, it will determine whether the price will stay above $0.30 or will go down to retest $0.21 or even $0.18. Given the recent 500%-plus rally, a cooldown in the form of side action or retrace would be completely normal.
However, according to the Money Line indicator, at the time of writing, the SUPER crypto token is bullish:
Note: Just by using the Money Line indicator, you can become a successful crypto trader. After all, the “Bearish” and “Bullish” signals tell you when it may be smart to buy/long or sell/short the asset. If you want to get your hand on this powerful indicator for free, just opt for the Moralis Money Starter or Pro plan. 

SuperVerse Price Prediction

Before we offer you our SuperVerse price prediction, you need to keep in mind that focusing on specific price targets can be misleading. This is particularly true when the asset is in the price discovery mode or when dealing with long-term price predictions.
So, we strongly advise you to take our SuperVerse price prediction with a grain of salt. In fact, the best thing you can do is to use the page presented in the next section to come up with your own short-term SuperVerse price prediction at any time based on the asset’s live price and real-time on-chain metrics.
That said, given the info in the previous section, $SUPER does look rather bullish. Plus, the Web3 gaming narrative is rather strong at the moment. So, if Bitcoin manages to hold its current levels or break higher, it is likely for SUPER to go on another run. As such, we predict $0.57 as a short to mid-term target.
On the other hand, if Bitcoin were to retrace and visit lower levels, then the SUPER price would definitely revisit $0.21 or even lower ($0.18 and $0.15).
As for the end of the next bull run target, $SUPER could reach its ATH levels around $4.5. And if the Web3 gaming narrative stays strong enough, it could even go noticeably higher. For instance, $19, as derived based on the Fibonacci retracement tool’s “4.236” extension, is not out of the picture.

Is SuperVerse Crypto a Good Investment

By using the information offered in this article, you should be able to decide whether you find the SuperVerse crypto project and the SUPER token interesting. If so, your next step is to research this potential opportunity properly.
Fortunately, you can do this like a pro using the Moralis Money SuperFarm ($SUPER) token page. There, you can find all the resources and tools to answer the above question confidently. After all, only you know your financial situation and your risk tolerance. Once on Moralis Money’s SUPER token page, do not forget to explore the token’s live price (the Price Chart section) and SUPER’s real-time, on-chain metrics (the Alpha Metrics section). By combining the power of these insights, you’ll be able to decide if/when to buy $SUPER. This combo is the key to coming up with your own short-term SuperVerse price prediction.
So, follow the “$SUPER” link above or simply use the interactive widget below and decide what actions to take regarding the SuperVerse crypto:

Where and How to Buy SUPER Crypto?

If you visited the above-presented page, you probably already noticed the “Buy” button below the token’s core info. By clicking that button, you get to access Moralis Money’s instant crypto swap feature:
As you can see in the above screenshot, this crypto-swapping feature tells you exactly what to do next. The above example tells us to connect our Web3 wallet. Then, we can select the token we want to use to buy the SUPER crypto. Next, we’d need to enter an amount and finally execute the swap. Yes, it really is that simple.
If you are new to swapping cryptocurrency, we recommend you check out our step-by-step guide on how to swap ERC-20 tokens. However, the animation below should be more than enough to set you on the right track:

What’s SuperVerse Crypto and What Happened to the SuperFarm Token? – Key Takeaways

  • The SuperVerse crypto project, formerly known as SuperFarm, went live in 2021, and it aims to bring Web3 closer to the masses via NFTs and Web3 gaming. 
  • The project also deploys DAO governance, which allows SUPER token holders to participate in important decisions.
  • The $SUPER crypto coin price was hit hard by the recent bear market – it lost more than 98% of its value. 
  • The October-November 2023 rally revived $SUPER, increasing its value by more than 500% in just 37 days.
  • To determine if/when to buy SUPER, use the Moralis Money token page dedicated to that asset. 
  • This page is also the best place to buy $SUPER without breaking a sweat or the bank.

Whether you end up buying the SUPER crypto asset or not, make sure not to forget about other altcoin opportunities. After all, thousands of alts are out there, with new ones emerging daily. And, you can easily spot the ones that deserve your attention with Moralis Money. This ultimate on-chain analysis tool offers several powerful features you can use to detect the best altcoin opportunities. However, to deploy the best crypto trading strategies, you ought to get properly acquainted with Token Explorer- Moralis Money’s core feature. 
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