World's first "cashless" country: the cashless payment rate is as high as 98%

9 Feb 2023

With the continuous innovation of the Internet, the Internet has gradually entered everyone's life. With the help of the Internet, mobile payment has gradually become popular. Nowadays, people don't need to bring thousands of money when going out.

The first "cashless" country in the world is not America, but Sweden.

As one of the five Nordic countries, Sweden, like the rest of the Nordic countries, is beautiful and rich. Sweden is a highly developed capitalist country, and it is also the country with the highest cashless payment rate in the world. It is reported that Sweden's cashless payment rate has been able to reach as high as 98%.

But what makes many friends puzzled is that Sweden does not appear in the forefront of the list of countries with online payment rates. So how did Sweden become a "cashless" country? In fact, this is the difference in payment methods. In our perception, the cashless payment method is mobile payment, but you have not considered a little bit, that is, credit card payment. Sweden is currently the most used credit card and bank card in the world.

Of course, if we compare mobile payment, my country must be ranked 10. Although many countries have begun to support mobile payment. So, has going cashless in Sweden brought much benefit to Sweden?

the answer is negative. The cashless payment in Sweden did not allow the Swedes to live a better life. Instead, many Swedes began to complain. "Cashless payment" sounds beautiful, but many friends in Sweden said this: Sweden Many places in most cities do not accept cash, which makes many elderly people who hold cash feel excluded from society, and due to the lack of cash, people need to go to the bank to get money frequently, It has increased the burden on many people.

But this problem rarely occurs in our country. Now in our country, both cash and mobile payment are used together. The mainstream method is mobile payment, but many stores still keep cash for the convenience of some people. , In our country, most of the elderly people already know how to use a lot of payment software. It can be said that our country is one of the countries that have successfully implemented cashless payment.

In fact, the concept of cashless has appeared very early. In 2014, Israel and Sweden eliminated the implementation of cashless, but it is conceivable that this operation is very difficult. Cashless payment is the future trend, but it may not Not now, experts say.

I don't know what do you think? Now that our country is relatively developed, it is enough to bring a mobile phone wherever you go. If you have anything to say, please leave a comment below.

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