Let the living come to Life

5 Feb 2023

A moment does come with life,
Sad moment when one misses life.
When sadness gently comes around
And tears cover the ground all around,
A moment of great sorrows all day long.

"Why?" All the words will be "why?"
Pains sweep in, large and great.
And many answers begin to come.
But in all,none will give a second chance,
And soon the sorrows starts a fight?

We all have a very little life span.
And intelligent man should be prepared!
When the time comes,hold on to faith;
Lie down on the arms of the creator,
And smile at the light that will shine on.

Death! Let all the living come to life
who said the devil holds the key?
Same moment others cry "Goodbye!"
When this moment comes, give account!
All see the love;the eyes who really cares!

To survive in this world is a task.
The great,great task of ultimate survival.
Be careful always with your life;
A very short moment to live and sing.
Death gives no second chance!

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