7 Most Powerful character in MCU .

26 Jun 2022

In marvel comics , there are many powerful character but they all aren't introduced in Marvel cinematic universe . Let's based on this fact , let's figure out most powerful character .

7. Thor : Thor is most powerful among superhero with his control over thunder and equip with Mlojnir ans and strombreakber.  Maybe ,In Love and Thunder ,we could see his more strength and powers.
6 .Hela : Hela was goddess of Death and has control over Death Army . She have necrosword and potentially create weapons based on her thoughts . She could easily defeat Thor and other avengers.

5 . Scarlett Witch : After Wanda have knowledge of Darkhold ,she is now not only powerful by magic but almost have strength and deals to powerful attack too.

4 .Ego Living planet : Ego was almost powerful as planet and could potentially destroys anything with his powers.

3. Odin : With Odinforce he could produce massive energy and he has lots of magical powers to defeat enemy.

2. Thanos : Thanos with infinity Gauntlet was almost powerful as universal that he could literally do whatever he wants and thinks. It's his capacity to gather stones .So he wa genius too.He has knowledge of almost everything.

1. Dormammu : Dormammu is as powerful as dark Although we see him against Doctor strange  begging for free from time loop. But Dormammu is yet more to explore . His weakness is time . Behind this ,he is undefeatable . But with time also ,you can irritates him and let him in trouble but can't probably Kill him.

Honourably mentioned that this ranking is not based on fact that character like Ironman can defeat them with technology and gets enough time and other characters from like what if series.

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