What kind of country is Zimbabwe?

16 Feb 2023

Zimbabwe is a very peculiar country. You need to bring a large stack of banknotes to buy things you want. Countless young people spend most of their daily income on buying cough syrup, sadly young generation completely paralyzing themselves. The reason of this situation is that the long-term economic collapse has left nothing to do for young people and this is reason they use cough syrup to forget the torture of life.

Basic situation of Zimbabwe:

Zimbabwe Land area: 390,000 square kilometers, capital: Harare, population: 16.9 million, languages: English, Shona, and Ndebele. Zimbabweans mainly live in the following cities: Harare: 1.87 million, Bulawayo: 650,000, and Mutare: 70,000.

From the analysis of the area of ​​the country, Zimbabwe is a small country. Although this country is small, it has many stories that make people think. If we want to understand this country thoroughly, we need to start from four aspects.

History of Zimbabwe:

In 1890, Zimbabwe became a colony of the British and South African companies. The cruel colonial rule awakened the people of Zimbabwe early and began to free themselves from British colonial rule. After decades of hard work, Zimbabwe gained independence.

In the early days of independence, Zimbabwe’s overall economic situation was good. It was once the third largest tobacco exporter in the world. It was envied by many countries. But over time, black people in Zimbabwe felt that their country’s economy was always controlled by white people and many blacks people feeling dissatisfied. Therefore, Zimbabwe government promoted a rapid land reform plan, the white people's land distributed to the black people without compensation, the move caused Zimbabwe to be hit by anger of Western countries.

The move has left Zimbabwe's economy in a slump and the government is trying to ride out the crisis by printing large amounts of money in the face of dire economic conditions, but they forget that the Zimbabwean economy is inherently fragile and cannot withstand such a mess. After this operation , Zimbabwe not only has the world’s largest single currency, but also makes countless people prefer to use the U.S. dollar, euro, and South African rand as the settlement currency instead of using the Zimbabwe dollar. The bad economic environment has made its people reluctant to use their own national currency.

Economy of Zimbabwe:

In the early days of independence, Zimbabwe had a good foundation, but most of these things were in the hands of white people, so the black people in the country were very dissatisfied, and eventually ousted the white people and made themselves the masters of this land.

After the white people left, black people did not live the life peacefully. They didn't know how to manage the government departments and the economy of Zimbabwe was in a mess because of the attacks of external forces.

As of 2020 report, the national GDP is: 20.4 billion U.S. dollars. Per capita GDP is: 1369 U.S. dollars . In addition, the economy did not increase but dropped by about10.2%, from which it can be seen that the country's economic situation is really very bad.

In fact, Zimbabwe is a country rich in mineral resources, including coal, chromium, iron, platinum, gold and diamonds.

It can be seen from this that Zimbabwe is a wealthy country. On the one hand, due to government inaction, the minerals are controlled by the rich, and a large part of it is smuggled into different countries. More importantly, the country's industrial level is backward and its independent mining capacity is limited, so that although the country has enviable mineral resources, it still cannot improve the country's economy.

Causes of poverty in Zimbabwe:

Most of the wealth in Zimbabwe is concentrated in a small part of the country, so domestic jobs are scarce, and most people cannot find a job at all. Coupled with years of inaction by the government, Zimbabwe’s hydropower, communications, education, and medical care system are almost paralyzed, the country agricultural production is low and the people not use the latest science and technology methods, which makes Zimbabwe becoming one of the highest inflation countries in the world.

Although inflation is high in this country, there is something good about this country, that is, the literacy rate in Zimbabwe is as high as 89%. This makes Zimbabwe one of the most educated countries in Africa.

About Zimbabwe Cough Syrup

Zimbabwe economy is down, which makes it really difficult for young people to find a job, and many people are unemployed for a long time. Most young people chat in groups on the street to see if there is any chance to solve their food and clothing problems.

At this time, a local cough syrup has become a stress relief for young people. This cough syrup have a certain sweet taste and also has certain hallucinogenic ingredients, which makes it difficult for young people to leave this bad habit.

Because of this, the first thing countless young people do after waking up every day is to drink cough syrup. They hope to forget the real life problems, so that they can live in a beautiful illusion.

The government discovered this problem and banned the sale of cough syrup, but this measure still cannot prevent young people from using the cough syrup.

Some things about Zimbabwe:

1. Zimbabwe is a country with extremely high inflation. A bag of money is needed to buy a bag in the local area. It is prohibited to use money as toilet paper in the toilet. It can be seen that in the hearts of the people of Zimbabwe, their national currency is just a piece of normal paper.

2. Zimbabwe has the world's largest tobacco auction house, with half of all cigarettes grown each year exported to asian countries.

3. Zimbabwe has such a stone, which looks shaky with a large head and small fulcrum, but it has stood for thousands of years.

4. Victoria Falls, the world's largest waterfall, the rainbow formed by water mist, can be seen in many places.

5. The infrastructure in Zimbabwe is a bit weak and most people can only drink river water.

6. There are more than two hundred "Stone City" sites in Zimbabwe. These sites are known as national symbols.

Although Zimbabwe is a poor country, the people of this country are simple and kind, especially the smiles on the faces of the children. Therefore, I think that in our limited life, we should travel around more and feel the exotic scenery.

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