Dark skin isn't dark sin

31 Jul 2022

You say i shouldn't bleach, that black skin is beautiful.
But whenever I try to slay in this skin, you call me a beauty fool.

I shouldn't blame you for hurting me because sometimes you don't mean to do that.
But whenever we pose for a picture, I say "cheese" and you, "guy you're too black"

You say I look like "Bingo" whenever I put on my dark shades.
How do you enjoy saying my dark skin can stain a white shirt?

Because of the things you say, I literally lurk in the dark.
That's the only place I blend in without feeling attacked.

Because of the things you'd say, I feel uncomfortable being in a crowd.
So I avoid the public and people keep saying I'm proud.

I don't feel welcomed everywhere I find myself in including my church.
If Dark skin isn't a sin, then why will you look at me and start to judge?

If you won't let me feel safe in this skin,
When I bleach, please don't cause a scene.

Jude Umoren, 'Dark skin isn't dark sin' (online, 2021) <https://judeumoren.blogspot.com/2021/01/dark-skin-isnt-dark-sin.html?m=1>.

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1 Comment

Sometimes it is hard to believe that your fellow blacks can abuse you because of the complexion of your skin. They are just like white racist yet dark skinned