exercise fights my neuritis every day

21 May 2023

hello guys greetings i want to introduce myself in a different way,as i have little knowledge about the cryprographic world,but i am interested in learning.
i start by telling you about myself i am a 45 year old man,i have been training 5 to 6 days a week training in a sustainable way for almost 2 years,but not everything in my life was exercise the fittnes world i met it in a way that few could believe,mine was because of the desperation i had the last few years fighting with an intercostal neuritis,one of the strongest ailments and i call it a sadistic ailment.

I have been fighting with this disease all these months by fighting it with exercises, and I believe that it has helped me in an efficient way, so I will bring to this platform tips and methods that I use so that other users can put them into practice and thus have a better life.

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