Worst Food For Kidney

3 Oct 2022

Kidney works like a purifier system of the body, but this damage occurs only due to disturbances in the diet.

The kidneys excrete the waste of the body through urine, but if it does not work properly, then the dirt starts accumulating in the body and urine is also less. Due to this the accumulation of water in the body i.e. water retention starts.

Due to kidney failure, there is also pressure on other parts of the body. So if you want to keep your kidney healthy, then be careful about your diet. If you are suffering from kidney disease, then it is very important for you to know which foods increase the risk of kidney damage.

1. Alcohol :

Ayurvedic doctor Abrar Multani says that drinking too much alcohol can cause kidney damage. This causes problems in the functioning of the kidneys and can also affect your brain. Alcohol not only has a bad effect on your kidneys but can also damage other organs.

2. Coffee :

A research has revealed that things with more caffeine are not good for the kidneys. People who drink more coffee are more likely to have kidney stones.

3. Salt :

Salt contains sodium, together with potassium, it maintains the proper amount of fluid in the body, but if more salt is taken in the food, it increases the amount of fluid, which puts more pressure on the kidneys and damages them. could reach.

4. Red Meat :

Red meat contains the most protein, protein is very important for the growth of muscles, but the process of its metabolism is very difficult, which puts more stress on the kidneys. Health experts say that the protein from this meat increases the risk of kidney stones.

5. Artificial Sweetener :

Artificial sweetener is used more in the sweets, cookies and drinks found in the market, which is harmful for the kidney. Patients with diabetes are more prone to kidney diseases. Such people should not use it.

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As well as spices
That's really great article Explain in details about the harmful foods for the betterment of kidney
Btw I urge people to take care of their kids and kidney 🤣
Thank you for this awareness
Alcohol has to be one of them
We learn everyday, and I think I just did today.