9 Feb 2023

Day trading involves buying/selling of assets within a single day to make profit. To simplify, day trading is a strategy in trading that does not involve taking positions overnight.
This guide is for American beginners interested in crypto day trading. It covers numerous information from how to get started day trading to knowing the best crypto to day trade.

Why Day Trade Crypto?

The cryptocurrency markets are volatile, providing opportunities for quick profits. Crypto day trading offers traders the opportunity to make quick profits by capitalizing on the volatility of cryptocurrency prices.
However, it also comes with high risk. Crypto day trading requires careful consideration and research to be able to know the best crypto for day trading.
Some of the reasons to day trade cryptocurrencies are;
The availability of various crypto day trading strategies, which is one of the most important features. This way, day trading for American beginners doesn't become a hassle.
The ability to enter positions (short/long). This way, crypto day traders can trade on the price movement of any digital coin.

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