The Role Of Students InRemoving Illiteracy

21 Nov 2022

Illiteracy is still a major blot on India, after more than sixty years of its achieving independence. To an extent it exemplifies India’s failure to reach out to its masses. The removal of illiteracy has to be tackled on a priority basis and students can play an important role in achieving this goal. Since they are in the process of receiving education themselves they are most appropriate for also putting forth their services to achieve the goal of educating the illiterate masses. Students should be encouraged to carry the lamp of knowledge by organizing events such as, ‘Each One, Teach One’.

If every student resolves to teach two illiterate persons in a year during his vacations, it will in the long run help to eradicate illiteracy. The government should also render full support to students in terms of infrastructure in their contribution to the Indian Literacy Campaign. Students can also play a vital role in the programme of Adult Literacy. If all our students get together and try to work towards achieving literacy among the masses, then the day is not far when India too will join the league of countries that have attained hundred percent literacy.

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