To darkness and me

15 Jan 2023

To darkness and me

A natural action that breaks our hearts
A bad friend so long as we’re on earth 
A painful action to close to the space
A numb thumb that puts our fire
And leaves the earth to darkness and to me!

You this blind and hard hearted force 
You do not care who you strike down,no,
You leave the terrors of the night but cut the kind
Vampire you drink the blood of the loved one
And leave the world to darkness and to me!

You have been here almost forever 
Are you not tired? Are you not satisfied?
Your birth since our fore parents,years, uncounted.
Eating the flesh of my beloved brother, vampire!
You leave the world to darkness and to me!

I know you want us all, blood thirsty death! 
We are all fated to die  so long as we live,
But I tell you my worst enemy 
Your days are numbered and you will die
When on that glorious day I put on my robe! 

That day will be liberation,
For all the daughters and the sons of God
For our new king has power over you 
And we will share in his inheritance 
For we are His adopted children .

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