Sweet tea

14 May 2023

The journey was quite boring. I used to think when a station comes and we have a cup of tea. It was midnight. The rest of the passengers slept soundly. The car slowed down, the station arrived. But my manisha did not complete anything, because the tea-lover was also sleeping soundly. When he got so angry.

The car moved forward and what a miracle! A steaming cup of tea came before me, just as I was about to pick it up, a voice called out, "I am tea. You remember me, so I came on purpose. Oh, I am from your country and now so familiar that at times it is 'overfamiliar disobedience'." Experience comes. "My ancestors originally from China, the country of China, has given me my gift to the whole world. In fact, my ancestors existed in Assam in our India for a long time. But no one paid much attention to them. The officers of the East India Company achieved my real development in India. Today, I and my brothers belong to India. Earns a lot of foreign exchange.' "To tell you the truth, I am particularly proud of something else. There is so much inequality in India today. There is such a distinction between rich and poor; but I have no such distinction. I am welcomed in a slum as warmly as I am in a luxurious bungalow. A machine worker needs me as much as a learned writer, a researcher needs me. "I was born on small bushes in a plantation. Me and my brothers were born in various parts of India like the Brahmaputra valley in Assam, the Duar and Terai hilly areas at the base of the Himalayas, Darjeeling, Ranchi, Dehradun valley, Kanga valley. Our carvings are done by hands in India. Carvers The women have a bag on their back, in which they put our leaves. Then we send them to the factory, where they are machine-rolled, dried, etc., and then we are sent to the country in special plywood boxes." "Friend, you taste us with sugar, milk, and water. Some. In the country, instead of milk, we use lemons and butter. Some people criticize us for 'tannin'; but too much of anything is bad. Too much boiling makes tannins in the drink." What is wrong with us? On the contrary, tea is a healthy and stimulating drink for the body.

The noise stopped, but my boredom and boredom were never gone. The train stopped at some station and a tea man was standing in front of me with tea without being called! "I take the credit of my Mistress. Because of her supervision, I have become the beauty that I am today. She spends most of her day with us. She does a lot of reading, research, and that's why my Mistress often wins prizes at rose shows. Her hobby today is hers. Obsessed. Today I am going to tell you my secret. Roses have been born to us before the birth of man. Such references are found. But no one can say what is our exact birthplace, but in ancient times Rome was famous for its rose gardens. Arabs brought us to India in the 10th century. We are called by many names in your ancient literature. One of them is 'Tarunipushpa', what a real name! I am especially loved by the youth. They consider me as a symbol of their love for each other. Our popularity increased especially during the Mughal dynasty. The first perfume was produced from us on the occasion of the marriage of Jahangir Badshah and Begum Noor Jahan.

People, now I'm tired of this nomadic life. But I can't do anything else. I'm completely rustic. I never learned. I grew up with this bear. So all I can do is dance and jump with him. Today's his. I am suffering the punishment. I do not get enough food for one day in the year. People flock to watch the game, applaud the bear's work. But when they turn the plate for money, they run away. Why! I don't believe in some of these amulets, but I make and sell amulets because that's what earns me. A amulet that costs four annas I sell for two rupees.
"Fathers! I have only one request from you. Now I hear that the government is going to start a school for the children of nomads. I want to teach both my children. I don't want them to be dervishes. Is there such a school? My lambs will live there! Then no matter how hard it takes for them, me and my bear will do it. Even to the end, I and I will not leave each other. "Listen, you ignorant children. Let me speak. My eyes are tired of seeing your thousand crimes. Know me not! I am your 'goddess of liberty. How proudly you say that we are citizens of a free country. Then for a moment I was thrilled. Yes, but I was distressed to see you encroaching on the freedom of others.

"Thousands of our varieties have been produced today. But not all varieties are fragrant. Different shapes, different colors. Friends, so far we have received many glories. The red rose on Panditji's coat was a message of universal love. Today, the hobby of rose flowers has become universal. That is why it is everywhere in the world. Our exhibitions are packed. "The one regret in all this is that my glory has become the inheritance of only a handful of people. Cultivating roses is a chic job. So the poor don't even turn to it. Since yesterday, I see, so many people went to see my beauty but there was not a single laborer, not even a slum dweller. There were no children. I admit that they will not be able to plant flowering plants like me but will they not be able to spoil with their eyes the unique beauty of thousands of flowers in this exhibition? This further joy should reach them. The exhibition was held for two days with tickets. Now one day without tickets. Wouldn't it work if we put on an exhibition? If the people who are struggling for bread are deliberately brought here... only then will this short life of mine be truly worthwhile."

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