Martinez is willing to take a pay cut to get Messi to Aston Villa

23 May 2023

Lionel Messi's future can be answered by several clubs. Some may say Barcelona, ​​some say Al Hilal . Many can also talk about Inter Miami.

So far, these clubs have been heard as possible destinations for Messi. But if someone hears the name of Aston Villa, then what will be the feeling!

Who knows how to feel, but this time the name of Aston Villa has come up as a possible destination for Messi! The name of Aston Villa also comes from a teammate of Messi who won the World Cup in Argentina. He is none other than goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez.

It would be wrong to call this Argentinian goalkeeper only Messi's teammate, he is also Messi's friend. One of the artists who made Messi's dream of winning the World Cup come true. Messi's World Cup story could have been different if Martinez hadn't made that incredible save in the last minute of extra time in the Qatar World Cup final. Martinez was a symbol of confidence under the goal post throughout the World Cup. The award for the best goalkeeper of the World Cup went to Martinez.
In an interview given to ESPN, Martinez said that he would give his salary if necessary to get Messi, "If they give two, I will bring Messi to Aston Villa." I will reduce my salary. We will do our best to get him.'

Messi's contract with PSG will end in June this year. News agency AFP reported that Messi has also signed a contract to play football in Saudi Arabia next season . However, Messi's father and agent Jorge Messi claimed that the news was false .

In the interview, Martinez also talked about his incredible save in the final. He said the save he made against Kolo Muani has become a part of his life, 'There will never be a save like that again. Maybe better, but that's life. The pitch was 80 percent Argentina supporters when the ball went to Otamendi, and he couldn't clear the danger. Then I was alone in front of Muani. The entire gallery falls silent for two seconds. Even when I go to sleep, I can feel the silence of the stadium.'

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It will be very interesting where Messi decides to play. Perhaps he will be back at Barcelona.
south coast surfer
Keep up the good posts on Football
I just don't see Messi staying at Aston Villa, he is the type of player I believe will retire at a big club.