Loki (part 2): he knew his true identity.

14 Jun 2022

As we know , Loki's origin and how he become a part of Asgard. The day arrived when Thor was about to take a throne but suddenly army of Frost giant attacked in Asgard. Then Thor become so angry and tried to attack them but Odin want to keep peace. That day gone spoiled for Thor to become a Crowne .
But Loki somehow convinced Thor for secret attack in Jottenham ,the living planet of Frost giant without knowing his father Odin and Thor along with team and his friend went to attack there but after sometime Odin come and take them back with help of bifrost.
But during attack at Jottenham ,One giant touched or tightened the hand of Loki and nothing happened to him and his hand changed to bluish colour. Then he checked and touch the magical box named "Casked of Ancient  Winter". This box actually belongs to Frost giant king Laufey which was taken by Odin during attack at midgard. He then talked and screamed to his father and tortured him for this reason .Due to this Odin goes for a Odinsleep. We all knwe that Thor iss in Earth somewhere out of Asgard and Odinat Odinsleep and he become the King of Asgard.

Let's talk more about his journey his next blogs.

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