My Musical Sunday School Sessions - The Secret Book of John (The Apostle) Part 2 (The Apple)

23 Jun 2024

Okay, I know you all love me because of my Crypto & Finance stuff.

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But there is more to this Baby.

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I want to start by thanking @rafzat for pointing out the fact that I am a flawed human. Last week in my ignorance I called Demiurge/Yaldabaoth a Demigod, as I did not know that there is a difference between deity and demigod.

The terms "deity" and "demigod" refer to different types of divine beings in mythology and religious traditions:


Definition: A deity is a god or goddess, often immortal, with divine powers and attributes.
Attributes: Deities are believed to be all-powerful, all-knowing, and beyond the limitations of mortal beings. They are often associated with the creation and maintenance of the universe.
Examples: Some examples of deities include Zeus and Hera in Greek mythology, Vishnu and Shiva in Hinduism, and Yahweh in Judeo-Christian traditions.


Definition: A demigod is a being who is part divine and part mortal, born from the union of a deity and a human and/or possessing some divine qualities.
Attributes: Demigods are not fully divine but inherit certain traits or powers from their divine parentage. They are often intermediaries between gods and humans.
Examples: Hercules is a well-known demigod, being the son of Zeus (a deity) and Alcmena (a mortal). In Hindu mythology, Hanuman is considered a demigod, born to the wind god Vayu and Anjana.

Lesson Learned!

And off the back of that lesson learned I maybe should start adding a disclaimer or two.

The good stuff

Last week I found that it was not truly God who created the material world, shocker!
But there was another thing in that secret book of John that blew my socks off. It´s about them apples. You know that Apple don´t you, the first Imac ever hanging from the tree of knowledge.
But I am getting ahead of myself.

Back To Thomas´ Secret Book

Thomas The Apostle wrote more than what you find in the Bible, among other things he wrote The Apocryphon of John, also known as the Secret Book of John.
Last week I revealed how it tells a very different story regarding the creation of Earth:
My Musical Sunday School Sessions - The Secret Book of John (The Apostle)

Today we do a bit more digging into this Gnostic text.
It seems that according to the Secret Book of Thomas, the Mother (Barbelo) messed up. Now I don´t know where exactly but I guess like all mothers it must have been in the upbringing because it´s not mentioned that she was involved in the creation.

But luckily the Father was there to set things straight.
He put a little light into Adam, hidden from the Demiurge´s sight. The light was called ZOE and it sounded like she was Adams Jimmy Cricket(the little green fellow being Pinocchio's conscious).

Since Yaldabaoth’s demons might again overpower the perceptible psychic body
He sent down from his good Spirit a helper for Adam,
Out of his great compassion
A light-filled Epinoia emerged.
And he called her Life (Zoe).
She aids the entire creation
Working with him
Restoring him to the fullness.
She taught Adam about the way his people had descended
She taught Adam about the way he could ascend,
Which is the way he had descended.
The light-filled Epinoia was hidden in Adam.
So that the rulers wouldn’t know about her
For Epinoia would repair the disaster their mother had caused.

I thought maybe the Father put ZOE in there to take EVE out later but, I kept wondering who created Adam and what disaster did the Mother cause.

My gut feeling kept telling me that Adam was not created by God, but by the Demiurge that created the material world. And I think I found something that might concur with that point of view:

[Adam was revealed because within him dwelt the shadow of light (ZOE).
His mental abilities were far greater than those of his creators (hence it must have been others than God).
They had gazed upward and seen his exalted mental capability.]
The host of rulers(Demiurge) and demons plotted together
They mixed fire and earth and water
Together with four blazing winds
They melded them together in great turbulence.
Those thieves bound the man in it,
Enchained him in forgetfulness,
Made him subject to dying.

Okay so far that was kinda unexpected, would the Mother have been seduced by a Deity in order to create Adam, or how else to explain the disaster caused by the Mother and the creators being outshined by their creation?

Very exciting stuff, but not even the Epic found, the little white lie about the Garden of Eden I mentioned last week when I lifted up the veil for just a second. But we are getting close because they took the Adam who had forgotten all the divine wisdom he once possessed and dropped him in Paradise.

The rulers took the man and put him into paradise
They told him to eat freely.
They placed the Tree of Their Life into the middle of paradise.
Its root is bitter
Its branches are dead.
Its shadow is hatred
Its leaves are deception
The nectar of wickedness is in its blossoms.
Its fruit is death
Its seed is desire
It flowers in the darkness.
Those who eat from it are denizens of Hades
Darkness is their resting place.

There was another tree, the forbidden one. But it was not God that had forbidden Adam to eat the fruit.

As for the tree called “The Knowledge Of Good And Evil”
It is the Epinoia of the light.
They (as in the Demiurge and Demons) commanded him not to eat from it,
Standing in front to conceal it,
For fear that he might look upwards to the fullness
And know the nakedness of his indecency.

Here is where things get really interesting. The Secret Book of John is said to include the conversations John had with Jesus, the Savior. I think I mentioned that last week but just in case I did not or you did not pay attention because now this:

However, I caused them to eat.
I (John the Apostle) asked the Savior,
“Lord, isn’t it the serpent that caused Adam to eat?”
He smiled and replied,
“The serpent caused them to eat
in order to produce the wickedness of the desire to reproduce
that would make Adam helpful to him.”

What The Freckle just happened?

I think we just got a fast-forward because it says Them and reproduce.
Jesus is the one who made Adam and Eve eat the fruit, and by the way this reads he used the Serpent as he not only wanted Adam to see beyond the forgetfulness the Demiurge bestowed upon him. He used the Serpent (would he really have used Satan) to ignite the wickedness or procreation?
Procreation is what drives all living beings but where did Eve come from all of a sudden?
It seems I was not that far off when I said take ZOE out and turn her into Eve, as that was the Demiurge´s (Yaldabaoth) plan. He figured out that there was something inside Adam that made him dwarf his creators, and he wanted to take that out.

The chief ruler, Yaldabaoth, knew that
Because the light-filled Epinoia within Adam
Made his mental abilities greater than his own,
Adam had been disobedient.
In order to recover the Power that he had put into Adam
Yaldabaoth made Adam completely forgetful.

But ZOE is no fool and hides deep within Adam.

The Chief Ruler tried to remove her from his ribcage,
But Epinoia cannot be captured.
Although the darkness pursued her it did not catch her.
The Chief ruler did remove a portion of his Power from Adam
To create a person with a woman’s form
Modeled on the light-filled Epinoia that had been manifested to him.
He placed the Power removed from the man into the woman.

Adam saw the woman standing next to him.
The light-filled Epinoia immediately appeared to him
She raised up the veil that dulled his mind.
He sobered up from the dark drunkenness
And he recognized his own counterpart.
I (the Savior)appeared as an eagle perched on the Tree of Knowledge!
In order to teach them
And raise them up from sleep’s depths.
When Yaldabaoth discovered that they had moved away from him
He cursed his earth.
He located the woman as she was preparing herself for her man.
He gave the woman over so that the man might be her master,
Because he did not know the secret of the divine strategy.

This is probably the part that Rome would have liked to keep hidden, as it was not God but a deceptive Deity who made man the master.

There is just a bit more because we were not done with the procreation thingy, but this might get a bit shocking and distasteful still it explains a lot.

The man and woman were too terrified to renounce Yaldabaoth,
Who showed his ignorance to his angels
And he cast both of them out of paradise
Dressing them in heavy darkness.

Yaldabaoth raped Eve.
She bore two sons.
Elohim was the name of the first.
Yahweh was the name of the second.
Elohim has a bear’s face.
Yahweh has a cat’s face.
One is righteous;
One is not.
Yahweh is righteous;
Elohim is not.
Yahweh would command fire and wind
Elohim would command water and earth.

Yaldabaoth deceptively named the two: Cain and Abel.
From then until now sexual intercourse has persisted
Thanks to the Chief Ruler
Who put desire for reproduction into the woman who accompanies Adam.
Through intercourse the Ruler caused new human bodies to be produced
And he blew his artificial spirit into each of them.

Guess the bear was loose and Adam & Eve did it as well and got a Son called Seth, Seth was the Son of Man, and he and the Children of Seth.

This is where it gets interesting, the human species has three origins:

  • Jaweh
  • Elohim
  • Seth

Bikini Bottom Line

It´s like all of a sudden I see the bigger picture, I see how the pieces fit even 2000 years later
Human Bodies that contain a bit of the artificial spirit of the Demiurge, now my analysis is starting to make sense. Remember, I said that this Yaldabaoth figure sounds a lot like modern-day humans.

Let me oversimplify these divine mysteries, if I should categorize humans in three categories wouldn´t that be the:

The Righteous

The do-gooders, those who sacrifice themselves in order for others to grow and be enlightened, the children of Jaweh.

The Karens

Entitled, materialistic, obnoxious beings descending from the Demiurge spirit. They are the ignorant offspring of Elohim, and there are many proving that Elohim´s descendants loved to do that wicked intercourse thing.

The last group the Children of Seth are those that will be saved it seems. They have been made forgetful just like Adam, but it´s only temporary.

The Chief Ruler, though, forced the humans to drink
From waters of forgetfulness
So that they might not know their true place of origin.
The children (of Seth) remained in this condition for a while
In order that when the Spirit descends from the holy realms
The Spirit can raise up the children and heal them from all defects
And thus restore complete holiness to the fullness of God.

Now this makes sense, Seth's children are the Sheepel while the world is being dominated by Karens. At the same time, it explains where the Man/Woman pattern that the Christian church preached for so many years mistakingly comes from.

It also explains the biggest question; Why did God not want Adam & Eve to eat from the Tree of Knowledge? That to me makes no sense at all. And why would God leave their offspring dulled and in forgetfulness?

It is much better explained when that forgetfulness is brought upon humans by a force that wants to hide them from what Adam had seen and what lifted him above his creators.
Some of us are lucky enough to encounter Sophia (Wisdom)

[Sophia, our sister, came down
Descending innocently
So as to regain what she had lost.
Therefore she was called Life.
The Mother of the Living
The one from the Providence of the Authority of Heaven
By her assistance people can achieve perfect knowledge.]

That perfect knowledge part might be a bit overdone, but it seems that Sophia might be the antidote to the water of forgetfulness.

For me personally, it explains why I often feel that there is more behind the veil, and it might not be the heavenly kingdom but it underlines my idea that while inhabiting this vessel of flesh and blood we are unable to reach our full potential because we were made to forget.

And remembering while still being tied to this flesh and them bones, is the hardest thing....but nothing is impossible.

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