Light at the End of the Tunnel

1 Nov 2022

She was so sad at the same time infused because she did not see the body of her assumed to be a dead brother. For all, we know Jeff was the only person who had the slightest clue of how to get out of this mystical forest. As the skies were getting darker, I suggested to Emma that we should find shelter cause this forest will be more sang at night. So I and Emma went to look for a place where we can spend the night. And then we found a cave and I suggested we stay in it for the meantime we slept through the night with worries and fears.
There came the dawn and we woke up. I decided to go in search of food. And Emma insisted on following me and I agreed because I know it was dangerous to leave a child all alone in this
mystical forest. So went looking for fruits. Even though I was a little worried about eating anything that grows in this mysterious forest, but Emma assured me that she and her brother once ate fruits from the forest. We ate until we were satisfied. As we were about to leave we heard a noise coming from a shrub. Emma suggested that we should take a look but I felt that we should run back to the cave. Though my curiosity was at my peak I said ‘safety first ‘ I decided that we should head back to camp. As we were about to go back to the cave. Someone came out of the bush and we saw...
Something came out of the bush and standing face to face was the person who we all thought was dead. And Emma rushed to hug her big brother with a smile beaming on her face. I had mixed feelings of excitement and surprise.

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No matter what we face in life, there is always a brighter side of it. We should not dwell on our weakness. We should be strong and determine. We should hope for a better future. With God all things are possible. We should not give up.
Orthodox 🔶
Why did you stop here, I've been waiting for an update on the continuation of the story. Some people think that writing on computers is easy. But I know how difficult it is to come up with ideas and turn them into meaningful and interesting content. Nice work bro