The seed.

1 Nov 2022

My children, when I was your age, I was just as playful, mischievous and playful as you! I was born in a poor family in Pune. At that time, my father was working in the police station on a meager salary. At that time, of course, we were suffering all the hardships and sufferings that come to the share of a poor family. In such a situation it was not possible for father to buy toys for us children. We used to envy other children when we saw toys in their hands. However, gathering children from the streets and playing with sticks in the hot summer, flying kites, sometimes secretly swimming in the canal in the camp; My daily schedule was to cut down guavas and relish them to my heart's content, make bats and stumps from the wood brought home for burning and play cricket by producing an old purana ball from somewhere. By the time I came home in the evening, many complaints about me would have reached my mother's ears. A day's play would make one very hungry. Whenever he stepped in the house, he would be showered with dhammakaladu and slaps on his back. Then I would go to a corner in the house and sit crying! She used to fall asleep there and wake up in her mother's loving arms.Later my father was transferred to Vadgaon. The result was that I and my elder brother had to stay with my uncle in Pune for schooling. I was only nine-ten years old at that time. Being away from my parents at that young age cost me my life. used to cry a lot; But it is of no use. Tried and tried, but in vain. Leaving us was also the death of our parents; But with the intention that the boy should study well, become a great officer and make the name of the family bright, he said goodbye to us somehow.After that my life took a strange turn. My cousin Y from Pune. M. C. A. used to live in the compound of Many people were members of this organization as it was famous for sports. They used to come to play every morning and evening as they could. Obviously, this affected my childish mind. Since I was very fond of sports, I started watching the games of those members with attention. I got a chance to see many players every day. I used to run to the ground first, whether the school was over or not. Among all the sports, I started to like the game of cricket very much. It was this game that fascinated me the most. Sometimes, some players would come early to give themselves plenty of playing time. Seeing that there was no one, he would call me to throw the ball and I was always ready for such a task. A blind man asks for one eye and God gives two! Taking full advantage of this opportunity, I used to throw the ball as hard as I could with more enthusiasm and joy and try to blow the members away. Seeing my enthusiasm would encourage me and get them to play too, so when they too would deliberately get out, my chest would swell with joy and I would throw the ball harder. But when other members come, they have to give the ball to them. However, I was content to run up to block a long ball and immediately pick it up and throw it away. I wanted to play like him.It was here that I decided to become a cricketer in my next life. After the practice, I would happily help the groundsman in collecting the balls, watering the ground for the next day, etc. All this was happening at 6 to 8 o'clock in the night.Then a happy thing happened. My father was transferred back to Pune. Parents my y. M. C. A. I started hearing compliments about my game from the players in Anand and my father was a volleyball champion himself. So he always encouraged me in sports.In the year 1945, a cricket team of Australian services came to Pune in India. He played one match at the Poona Club ground. This match was of course ticketed and round ears were worn on the field. This closes all entry ways. This match is a must watch and that too for free, so my struggle began. Fortunately, this problem was solved by the large trees on the side of the ground. I watched the match all day sitting on the tree with some of my friends and still feel like climbing the same tree again and watching the match from there. Me and my friends used to narrate the match by gesticulating loudly to others, after the day's play, we would walk back home with interesting discussions about how someone took a catch and dropped it, how the stumps flew, how the fours were hit. After watching this match, it really affected my mind. . Especially the scene when Gi Zimmad flies up to get autographs of the players after the match was memorable. Some players were happy to sign, others were reluctant. Seeing all this ceremony, it came to mind that we should also become a big player. Then there will be a crowd around you for the same signature. bus Since then, the signing rehearsal has begun! Interestingly, many pages of notebooks began to be filled with my signature during mth class in class. If by mistake the teacher noticed me and asked me a question, I would say, 'How's that?' The answer comes out! The class burst into laughter at this exclamation and my neck dropped in shame; But when I scored 100 runs in an inter-school match a few days later, this same bowed head rose proudly to see the appreciative expression in everyone's eyes. My name appeared on the school board in big letters. Students and teachers patted me on the back and at the same time felt blessed to be playing cricket for the first time. The seed of cricket was sown in my mind and it grew.
This the story of the seed of the farmer the seed is to be farm by a farmer and the the seed is became the growing and the the the seed is to be growing the then the food.
The story is related to the seed and his growing story.

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