8 Mar 2023

Happy International Women's
Day to all Queens. Take your crown
Receive your flower
You're shining everyday and that's a big win.
The world is lucky to have
Queens like us on this planet.
You're beautiful and hardworking.
And what the world thinks of
you doesn’t matter but that
which GOD says you are!
I'm proud that our mothers set
standards for us and it's beautiful seeing ladies attain that height gradually.
Don't wait to be celebrated.
To know a woman in her essence is to know
endless wonder.
It's to be incredibly
amazed by her heart, her formidability and her warmth, all wrapped up
in one. She's creative, free
thinking, bold, she takes
up space. Her hands bring life to
everything she touches, a trailblazing,
unapologetic epitome of sass, confidence, beauty and immaculate intelligence.
To every queen living her truth unapologetically, you're amazing. truly.
The world is blessed to
have you. celebrate yourself for being a

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