ENS "hints" at making its own layer-2

9 Feb 2024

A senior manager of the Web3 Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domain name project said he is planning to develop layer-2 on Ethereum.

ENS "hints" at making its own layer-2

Interviewed by  CoinTelegraph, Senior Director Khori Whittaker ofEthereum Name Service (ENS)revealed that this Web3 domain name project is focusing on researching how to build networkslayer-2on Ethereum and do not rule out the possibility that ENS will do the same.

Mr. Whittaker did not go into detail about ENS's intentions, but added that the project team is discussing two possible directions, which is to build layer-2 on an existing platform on Ethereum, or is to develop a new protocol called "identity layer".

The most likely option being considered by ENS is:OP stackof Optimism, but ENS wants to integrate it allzero knowledge proofsto ensure the highest level of security and confidentiality for the network.

However, the biggest barrier for ENS's L2 at the moment, according to the director, is the positioning of Ethereum Name Service in the eyes of the community as a protocol operating on Ethereum.

Ethereum Name Service is a project launched in 2017, allowing Ethereum users to register Web3 domain names ending in ".eth", replacing long and difficult to remember wallet address lines to simplify the usage process. . This is an ongoing solutionpraised by Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterinis one of the most useful projects of the Ethereum ecosystem.

Just a few days ago,ENS has announced a partnership with GoDaddy, the world's leading internet domain name service provider, to link the ".eth" domain name to the website address, opening up more development directions and uses for Ethereum Name Service.

1D graph of the ENS/USDT pair on Binance at 10:20 AM on February 8, 2024

Many Ethereum projects in recent times have also announced their intention to create their own layer-2 or even split up to create their own blockchain, for example:Frax FinanceandMaker.

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