Nature: Bees Part-6

31 Aug 2022

Well I was fine the next day. There were no specific symptoms. But, I always think that I could have died that day. If the doctor was away I would not have got treatment immediately. Had I not thought of hiding in the sugarcane field. Or maybe it doesn't die. Anything could have happened. The bees would be blamed for this.

Where will those children be?

Even today there is one thing that comes to my mind again and again. The children who had killed by throwing their bags in the beehive. Where will they be today? Would they have also joined the crowd when thousands of bees surrounded me? Will they be laughing seeing my condition or will they have pity? Or they may have regretted their actions.

What would those kids be doing today? Would remorse over his actions have led him to some kind of love of nature?

Where will they be after all? Would they have ever come to know that a bee never bites anyone for his hobby? Once stung, she herself dies. To sting someone means that she is taking her own life.

Will they ever know that our creation rests on the hard work of the bees. We eat their hard work. They pollinate more than 2.5 lakh trees and plants. After which fruits, vegetables and seeds are produced. which we eat.

I was a loner, my life was nothing. The number of humans will never end. There is no threat to their breed. But, the breed of bees is at risk. Their numbers are running out.

Will they ever know the difference?

There is a sting of a bee, which is still pricking me somewhere.

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These hard-working little creatures are an important part of our ecosystem. Scientists believe that every third part of our food is the result of the efforts of bees. Bees pollinate so many edible plants that make our food tasty and nutritious, including many fruits, vegetables and nuts.
Interesting facts about bees Bee never sleeps in its life. It's so hardworking don't ask! Poor one drop flies far and wide for honey. Nowadays, it has reduced even then, but earlier the hives of bees were found hanging on the trees, on the walls.
Bees are very important for life, because not only water, sunlight and soil are necessary to grow whatever fruits, vegetables or grains we eat, but insects also have a special contribution in this. A large part of agriculture in the world is dependent on this insect.