What My Heart doesn't say

13 May 2023

I fell in love with you the instant I laid eyes on you, as if an angel had sent you to me from above.
Every day, our relationship gets stronger.
a solid connection that is unbreakable.
Baby, I adore every aspect of you.
I miss you terribly and love you very much.
The key to my heart is in your hands, and you are aware that we were meant to be.
You give me a sense of freedom, happiness, and specialness.
I would do anything for you if I could; there is nothing I wouldn't do.
Every time you stare at me, my legs get weak and my palms get clammy.
My heart skips a beat whenever you laugh and grin.

You are my entire world, my entire existence, and my charming king from my own fairytale!
I have been and will continue to be yours forever.
I need and want you to be mine forever.
You are attractive, humorous, sweet, and kind, and you are constantly on my mind and in my heart.
I miss you so much while we are apart—your face, your fragrance, your mannerisms, and your touch.
Now that I have you, I'll never want to date again.
Baby, I'll always be faithful to my word.

I can't wait to settle down in our house, to marry you, and to start a family together.
When I become your wife and you become my husband
Will be the most joyful day of my life!
You give my life its brightness and give me its oxygen.
If you ever left, my entire world would come to an end.
It was meant to be between us.
We were destined to meet, and I am certain that
you are my actual soul mate.

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