Love, Mum

21 Feb 2023

I'll be here for you at all times.
You'll never be by yourself.

I shall serve as the candle in the window, guiding you back to your house whenever necessary.

I'll represent the sun in the sky.
I'll be the moon shining above to lighten your day and help you navigate in the dark.

You can use me as a blanket if you get cold.
You will feel my warmth surrounding you, and I will be the ear you can weep on when you're sad or down.

I'll be the eyes and ears.
when you require a conversation partner.

I'll be the guidance you require.
when you're stuck for ideas.

I'll be the voice you hear in your thoughts.
I'll be the stars you wish for to make your fantasies come true.

If it all falls apart at the seams, I will be the needle and the thread.
I will serve as your own road map and guide you if you get lost.

No of the expense, I will be the one you can call for anything.
I'll be the sensation in your heart that tells you I'll adore you uniquely.

Anytime you need me, I'll be there.
Your mommy, I shall always be.

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