Identity of elders

22 Oct 2022

Goleshwar is a small village on the banks of Krishna River in Karad. Putalabai
And Dadasaheb's Khashaba is the son of a small chickpea. Nicknamed 'Anna'
This well-known boy later became an Olympic poet.
Khashab's grandfather was a great wrestler, while his father was also in his youth
The wrestling in the arena was popular. Khashab's father's talami
Kusti became Lord Ganesha and his relationship with the soil. Mallas per competitor
Lessons on how to cut, how to hold neck, how to fold
Khashabs learned from their fathers. At that time Urus used to be filled in villages.
In this Urus, the arena was filled in the fair. Khashab first da at the age of eight
The wrestling in the fair was done.
Identity of elders
(a) Which sport do you like the most?
(b) Which player do you like the most? why like
(e) Watch and listen to sports news on television. Discuss it as a class.
Let's discuss.
After completing his school education, he took admission in Tilak High School. Goleshwar village to high school five
That's a meter away. In order to reach school early in the morning, Khashaba used to run instead of walking every day and it was dark
They used to run to get back home before fall. Due to the habit of running and coming, his wrestling was short of breath
Well prepared. Barefoot running caused the feet to become calloused. Through the bushes during monsoon
Treading mud up to his knees, ignoring the rain, Khashab practiced education and training.
The capital of Finland is the fifteenth festival of the world's best considered Olympic sports
It was held in Helsinki in 1952. There, Khashab won a bronze medal for India in wrestling
The Lieut. This is India's first medal in Olympic Games.
There are many varieties of rice. One of them
The breed name is HMT. This is a new variety of rice
Discovered by a farmer. His name is Dadaji
Ramji Khobragade. Nagbhid in Chandrapur district
of the village of Nanded in the taluk. Dadaji's father
Ramji. They used to cultivate very carefully. of sowing
We used to plant seeds first. Bad grains aside
to remove Dadaji asked father, 'Why do you do this?'
So vs four. Then the father said, 'If you sow good seeds, you get good germination.' Dadaji has been sowing seeds since then
I got into the habit of picking, as well as observing.
They grew up and started farming. Once while walking in the field, he noticed that some rice
The ombs are darker pink in color. They precisely spied them and set them aside after they matured
Removed and kept in a separate container. The second year he sowed the seeds in the middle of the field. He noticed,
That the ombries from these plants have more seeds than others. He did this for many years. Sure of them
It is believed that this plant can produce more. He asked the villagers to plant it; But someone
Not prepared, finally Bhimrao Shi De was prepared. They used the first da to seed on four acres and surprise
That is, 90 quintals of rice were produced in just four acres. This rice in Talodhi Balapur market
When he left, the upper floors literally fell off. It was there that this rice was named 'HMT'. wages throughout the year
This research farmer, who earns his living, conducted many experiments in the girl's one and a half acre farm during the season
done He has discovered a total of eight varieties of rice. This farmer scientist has received many awards including Krishi Bhushan
Awards have been received. This is a farmer who is experimenting on just one and a half acre farm.

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