25 Jul 2022

1. What is boredom ?

Feeling of unsetisfed activity can lead boredom .
It accurs when you feel energetic but haven't any direction to go.
it also could be happen if you having difficulty focusing on a task .
its common problem among adults and childrens

2 What are the symptoms of boredom ?

Boredom is marked by sens of frustration and empty feeling, lack of focus , stress , are symptoms of boredom
3 What causes boredom ?
Boredom may occur dey to:
(2) irregular daly activity
(3) Diversified recreational intrest
(4) Poor time prescription

3 What to do if you feel Bored:

You can eat chocolates can have coffee because caffein is a grate sourse of dopamine
you can take a ride to refresh your mind or you can talk to your bestfriend the person you love, you can look at old photos be a photo collecter
If you have a pet spend a quality time with it. it helps alot , you can listen to songs any of your fevrate one .
The best thing to do you can make new hobbies and can work for them

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