Presearch - My Virtual Therapist

4 May 2023

Either if you are a battle-hardened day-trader or a dedicated HODLer the challenging market conditions nowadays can cause quite a psychological turmoil so I thought I would introduce you to a method that I have been practising to keep me from going insane - using a blockchain-based decentralized search engine, that - guess what - rewards you in crypto for each entry you produce. Meet Presearch, my virtual Therapist.

Presearch has four elements to its ecosystem:

-You can install a node to your system to provide the computing resources to power the Presearch Engine and earn PRE tokens as payment.

-Spend these tokens on the Staking Platform where you can use an auction-like bidding system for various keywords as an advertiser. Anyone with the highest bid will get the right to ad display. 

-And lastly, the function that we are going to focus on today: get rewarded for each and every search entry you provide.

The model is quite clear and simple. Presearch, as a new provider, chose to build its customer base simply by putting cash in our hands. Honestly, it’s fine by me as long as I get relevant and uncensored results - an expectation that Presearch lives up to with flying colours.

However, the yield is far from satisfactory

A single search entry is rewarded with 0.1 PRE and there is a cap of 25 paid searches daily. Considering that the minimum amount of PRE to withdraw is a whopping 1000 tokens, you are in for a haaaard grind.

I ain't no mathematician but a quick calculation shows that with a daily reward of 2.5 Pre it would take almost a year, precisely 400 days to cash out. As of today, you would get 0.059 USD on KuCion for a PRE Token. Multiply this by a thousand and you are at almost 60 bucks. Considering that the ATH of the asset has been  - for a brief period of time right after launch - at 0.7634 there might be room for speculation but the ‘to the moon’ narrative of some dedicated users is hard to take seriously.

Now to the fun stuff: How do I make these 30 daily entries improve my financial AND mental health? With the help of my good old buddy Mr Sigmund Freud and his groundbreaking method of exploring the subconscious via free associations.

If you are not familiar with this constantly smoking misogynist I will brief you on the fundamentals. Apart from coining the term motherfucker (you should definitely look that up!), dude has argued that there is a place or layer in our minds where we banish thoughts and memories that would otherwise be too hard to handle or manage. This is a protective measure, basically defending me from myself. The problem is that these contents will still cause issues, leaking from your subconscious and in many cases in abstract forms making it really hard to neutralize or even trace the root of the phenomenon. 

Fortunately, there are numerous ways to tap into these obscure territories of our self and believe it or not, one is with the help of Presearch engine!

Now what I do is I start to give entries one after the other without giving them any thought whatsoever. This can be hard at first but after the 8-9th entry, your mind will just take over and sort of unconsciously make you type short words or phrases. You will have to go with the flow and let them come and I guarantee the results will be quite shocking! 

This way you let your mind roam and can check back on the entries you provided later. At this point, it’s up to you whether you analyze the possible connections between the words or take it to your therapist but these can be lucrative inputs on your true psychological well-being. I’m as qualified to hand out advice concerning your mental health as your finances but personally, I like to end or start my day on Presearch and doing a good ol' check on this hollow, rusty barrel I call my mind. 

It’s always a good idea to sort or balance out your uncertainty and stress levels by any method possible nowadays and I will kickstart your earnings with 25 PRE tokens if you sign up via my referral link:

When you cash out in a year's time you will not only improve your wallet but your mental awareness as well. 

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Great write up. Didn't know anything about this until now. Have followed their Medium blog and signed up to the newsletter. This bear market is the time to be investing in these types of projects. In the bull anyone got funded. In the bear only those projects with any sort of traction will survive. Now's the time to go digging around for these types of long shots and see who's still shipping. If they're shipping, then they're in with a pretty good chance. All that said, this is on Ethereum and it's trying for a high throughput, low cost product (search is a volume game). Ethereum is a lot of things but two things it's not is: Fast and Cheap. It worries me these guys built on Ethereum. The worry for me is they built there because that's where they thought they would get the highest valuation for $PRE and if that was the thinking they're not focused. This kind of thing, one would think, is a better served by something like Fantom, Solana, Sui or even Aptos.
I'm in....good project
Looks like an interesting project building in the bear market.
Earn that PRE too!
I thik it’s perfect project
earning preseasch is best project
Presearch is a great project, they recently introduced their own A.I which would compete with the likes of ChatGPT and Bard
I have been searching with PRE for a year now. Funny because I am not even close to 1000, and I search on this computer everyday.