BlockWallet- Stay private in the crypto space

1 Jul 2022

In the crypto space today, privacy is something some might actually want to experience as all transactions performed by a user can be traced with access to their wallet address. 

To tackle this privacy issues, block wallet came into existence.

Ever heard about BlockWallet? Probably not...
So BlockWallet formerly BlankWallet, is a non-custodial wallet that offers its users full privacy on chain without any compromise. 
Further more, Blockwallet is accessible by all and is very much free to get. 

Blockwallet makes it possible for transactions by a user be untraceable,.it achieves this by being powered by a ZK-NSARKS technology. 

To crown it all, in order to tackle regular crypto phishing scam, whereby a user's sensitive credentials are being stolen, Blockwallet makes use of a unique artwork on all sensitive pages whereby preventing users data from being stolen while they use their App.

Blockwallet also makes use of a front running bot to protect users while trading on Dexes

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