My Crypto Discord Weekly Round-Up #10

12 Aug 2023

Crypto Media is a great source of information, it's very easily digested as it's all organised for you. Not a lot in it outside the mainstream projects though and when that information gets to you it's usually old.

Crypto Twitter is a great source of information too, but it's literally everything so the noise can often overpower any signal. Hard to identify what the people posting have to do with the projects they're talking about too.

Crypto Discords are kinda the best of both worlds. They have the structure that Crypto Twitter does not (and can never have) but go deeper then Crypto Media can (or will ever be able to). The downside is you need to actually be in the Discords to see the information.

There's a lot of interesting stuff that gets announced in Discords that I see, that others don't.
I'm sharing anything I think is particularly noteworthy for people outside of the Discords.
And quite frankly I love what these teams are doing and think it should get more airtime so I'm trying to do my bit to make that happen.

I post daily on my Solcial account (see link at the bottom of the post) and on BULB I'm doing a weekly summary of those posts in a blog post (like the one you're reading now!).

The rules I've set for myself are pretty simple:

  1. I only post from the official announcements channel/s in each Discord. No gated token/NFT gated channels and no discussions from the channels.
  2. I only post what I find interesting. Your mileage may vary. I do have a soft spot for alpha though...
  3. I use the same prompt each time to generate a cover image for the post: discord weekly round up

That's it. Let's get to the posts.

Beethoven X 07/08/2023

Rise and Shine Maestros,

Welcome to another beautiful week at BEETS!

Funkadelically FRESH and always insightful, dive into the weekly Concerto Programme!

Meta Pool 05/08/2023

Meta Poolers, Exciting news!!

Amidst our recent launch on Ethereum and in the wake of NEAR Protocol's BOS launch, it's becoming increasingly clear that these ecosystems have great potential for synergizing

Bullish on NEAR and integrating with BOS

As we have mentioned before:

We’d like to emphasize that our NEAR community has nothing to fear because nothing will change in our current operations on the NEAR network. Integrating with ETH allows us to start preparing to engage the Ethereum ecosystem and build BOS components for both our staking and our Governance dApps that will enable a more robust interaction between both Proof of Stake protocols."

That's why — We're delighted to introduce the Ethereum Liquid Staking component built on BOS

Liquid Staking on ETH is the BOS

COMB Financial 07/08/2023

COMB Weekly Recap

A New Buzzing Pool has been deployed!

With Morphex’s recent change to favouring Velocimeter, we thought we would de-commission our MPX - FTM Pool on Equalizer and launch a new MPX - FTM pool optimized through Velocimeter!

Emissions have now been de-allocated from the old MPX - FTM pool, with them now being funnelled into our Velocimeter MPX - FTM pool. We urge our users deposited into the old pool to move into the new pool to continue earning $COMB!

We have launched new bribes on Velocimeter! :Fantom:

Some people noticed that we recently deployed liquidity onto Velocimeter, and we have now decided to begin bribing, so if you’re a veFVM holder make sure to vote for the COMB - wFTM pool on Velocimeter to get your share of the bribe!

COMB DeFi dApp Revamp! ✨

This week we have been developing in full-force on the dApp revamp, and we have made great progress!

We aim to begin rolling out fractionalized user-testing to the internal team and community this coming week!

With the dApp revamp expect smoother processes, simplified product displays and faster operating speeds!

COMB AMA’s :siren:

Our AMA’s have now been uploaded onto our YouTube!

View the last 3 bi-weekly AMA’s at: COMB Protocol - YouTube

If you aren’t subscribed to our YouTube already, be sure to do so!

Noteworthy mentions:✍️

Our Equalizer Bribe is Live!
For all veEQUAL lockers, be sure to vote for our COMB - wFTM pool on Equalizer to earn your share of our bribe!

FTM Validator Snapshot! :voted:

If you’re a zCOMB holder, it’s time to vote!

Our monthly validator snapshot enables our users with the ability to use their zCOMB holdings as governance votes, this snapshot is used to determine where the revenue generated from our Fantom Validator goes!

Vote here:

Delegate to our FTM Validator here:

COMBLearn 📰
Our educational initiative is still delivering exciting educational material and on-chain data consistently, if you missed out on any of the great content, feel free to check it out at the below links;

Find our COMBLearn articles on our Medium:
Check out our threads on Twitter:

What's to COMB: (re-iterating our short-term roadmap)

Reliquary Upgrade:
With the dApp revamp, we will be integrating a new way of depositing Relics into the current fBEETs pool. This will require a migration but will be guided along the way. The deposit functionality will likely work with NFTs rather than traditional tokens.

LVL Utopia Token

Similar to our recently released Morphex (MPX) Utopia token, we plan to utilize the exciting potential presented by Level Finance!

This will be a first of its kind strategy using the Level platform and we’re truly excited to bring it to life!

PepperDEX 11/08/2023

Gooooood afternoon Scovillians!
Here's our latest update with our Q3-Q4 Roadmap!

Team Pep is firing up development, marketing, and overall infrastructure of the community and our upcoming DEX. We're excited to share what's on the way and as always, we're open to feedback and have been considering all the suggestions so far. Big thank you to all the contributors, contest participants, GM crew, and more - we hear and see all of you!

Plenty of exciting developments on the way, so stay tuned!

Please take a moment to Like, Retweet, and discuss in our ⁠🗣chat

Marinade 02/08/2023

As announced last week, the MNDE pools for mSOL single staking and mSOL-SOL LPs were stopped, as well as all the distribution of liquidity mining incentives to other protocols.
-> Please go to, claim your MNDE and withdraw your funds from the pools. The mSOL-SOL pool will still be available and accumulate unstake fees, only the pools for MNDE are being deprecated.

If you haven't already, go to to migrate your MNDE to Realms and burn your NFTs. You'll need to complete the migration if you want to use your MNDE in governance moving forward.

The follow-up plan for MNDE incentives is being discussed here: Feel free to give it a read and join the conversation!

Have a great day Chefs!

Marinade 09/08/2023

Latest Monthly update is live

Kitchen Stories for July features a recap of a huge month of shipping at Marinade. Updates include:

Marinade Native
Realms Governance Migration
Liquidity mining and MNDE incentives
Treasury Report
Marinade in the News

Visit the blog to read in full:

Burrow 05/08/2023

Perps on Ref testnet is now available for testing! Try it out for yourself and give your feedback on Ref tweet or on their telegram. There's a chance that you just might grab something for your valuable feedback.

Link to testnet:

Link to Ref tweet:

Link to join Ref Telegram:

Happy testing!

OATH 08/08/2023

Another large $OP liquidation occurred earlier today resulting in substantial liquidation profits being secured by the stability providers :balance:

This is yet another fantastic opportunity highlight both the role of the stability pool, and the benefits of being a stability provider on Ethos Reserve :Ethos:

Here's the breakdown:

20,900 OP totalling ~$36,337 was liquidated using ~$27,960 worth of ERN, securing a profit of >$8,000 for the stability pool :nastypepe:

For every 100 ERN you had staked in the stability pool, either directly on Ethos or via the stERN vault on Reaper Alpha, you netted roughly $0.60 profit (depending on the exact amount of ERN in the stability pool at the time of liquidation).

If you want to learn more about the stability pool and how liquidations work, check out the relevant section in the docs below!

Thanks and enjoy the rest of your week!

OATH 09/08/2023

howdy - the team is excited to announce an upcoming change to collateral ratios on Ethos Reserve, going live on 8/10/2023!

MCR and CCR for $WBTC will be changing to 110/135% from 120/150%
MCR and CCR for $OP will be changing to 115/150% from 130/175%

These are exciting changes which will serve to lower risk for both users and the protocol, and highlight some key changes to our risk management approach for Ethos Reserve.

Check out our writeup below to better understand these changes and why we're making them

Moonshot 13/08/2023

NEW! Moonshot NFTs are now on Solana. Earn a share of game profits!


Check our listings at

Play Now
Find out

What is Moonshot? Crash is a thrilling, high-speed game of strategy and luck.

Our goal is to be the #1 Crash game on any chain and across all gaming platforms.

10 reasons to hold a Moonshot NFT

Our growth plans

More on holding an NFT

Adding ETH & BTC tokens next!

OATH 09/08/2023

We are delighted to share news that the upcoming token migration is almost finalized. This pivotal moment offers us a unique window to not only reevaluate the current liquidity landscape but also to sculpt it in a way that mirrors the collective aspirations from the community.

We recognize that the OATH token has found its niche across multiple chains, and while waiting for Ethos to launch it served a purpose of attracting several valuable veNFTs from Thena, Ramses and Chronos among others. However, in a bid to consolidate costs, streamline operations, and reinforce Ethos Reserve's success, a strategic decision guided by the communities input is pushing towards a clear focus of the majority of future OATH market incentives to be solely on Optimism. We believe that this move will cultivate an environment where the OATH token can flourish even more.

While OATH will continue its role in supporting Ethos market adoption, for optimal returns with OATH users are advised to bridge it to Optimism. This alignment ensures that our emission spend is optimized and Bonded OATH can address market needs effectively.

It’s essential to note that OATH will still be available on other markets. However, these will come with a significantly higher trading fee percentage. This is a deliberate step to generate compelling incentives for liquidity providers who opt to remain loyal to those specific chains.

With the launch of stERN on the horizon, we are optimistic about continuing our mission - exporting ERN from Optimism reinforced with the veNFTs we acquired throughout the year. and establishing Optimism as the premier hub for OATH. We are excited about this new phase and confident that Optimism will be a prosperous home for OATH to thrive and grow.

An article will be shared soon with all the new OATH contracts and instructions for how to migrate your OATH tokens.
Thank you for your patience throughout this period.

JonesDAO 08/08/2023

This Friday, we are saying goodbye to MV1

Our lovely partners Dopex have become based + Camelot-pilled, and we hear a liquidity migration is imminent.
Even though we love to see it, this kind of integration interferes with the current architecture of MV1, since it relies on Sushi LP tokens & Sushi LP rewards to operate.

Because of this development:
MV1 will be closing on Friday, August 11th
All deposits will be available for withdrawal
Metavaults will remain on hiatus until MV2 is released

There is hope though, we don't expect you'll have to wait very long for MV2 arrival.

Read the article below for finer detail 👇

Jupiter Aggregator 08/08/2023

Happy to share that our friend - Solend's integration with Jupiter to enable Margin Trading swaps! This latest expansion combines Solend’s deep liquidity pools and Jupiter’s best-in-class routing to give users price-effective swaps while earning points in the process.

By integrating with Jupiter swaps and using flash loans, Solend has streamlined the process of borrowing, swapping, and depositing collateral into a single transaction.

And, Solend has introduced a new rewards that allows trading with points. Every day, 10M points are distributed proportionately to supplies and borrows (with borrows x2 supplies)
Season 1 begins with 100k SLND, and more rewards will be added as more partners come aboard.

Solana DeFi Summer is in full swing, with more protocols embracing points systems, new tokens, and airdrop events. Jupiter is steadfast in its support and collaboration with all. Start racking up those points

NoloBot 10/08/2023

Nolo Bot Install Documentation:

NoloBot 13/08/2023









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thank you for the news as always
Sadly, Marinade SOL/mSol closed. Thanks for your update.
Great wrap up. Tend to find at least one interesting project among these when you post them. Have been experimenting with OP a bit lately. There's a lot of activity because of learn to earn quests so not sure it'll translate to long term growth but it's good to see at the moment. Have also been doing quite a bit on Arkham. The intelligence hub is an interesting concept, could be lucrative for those that can analyse the blockchain. There's also rumbles of another airdrop for users that are active as well. If anyone is interested in jumping on board for a look, reply to this message and ill drop a referral link in the comments.
Greetings, thanks for sharing. 🖐
Thanks for the news, just carry on.
A couple of newer projects this time. Ones you wouldn't have seen a lot from in my previous posts. Make sure to check them out if you haven't. Really interested to see any projects people are bullish about and/or involved in in the comments. It a great time to be getting into crypto. So much is going on.