Legendary Woman

12 Mar 2024

From an ordinary woman to a legendary hero

~Joan of Arc~

An unconventional figure that challenged the gender roles of the time in several ways.

Firstly, as a woman, she defied the traditional role of women in the medieval era. Women were typically confined to domestic roles, and were not expected to take on leadership roles.

Joan, however, was a military leader and a skilled tactician, which went against the social norms of the time. In addition, Joan often dressed in men's clothing and cut her hair short, further challenging gender roles. She was also unapologetic about her unconventional behavior, which was another way that she challenged societal expectations.

These actions helped to pave the way for greater equality and freedom for women in later centuries. Her example showed that women could be capable leaders and military strategists, and that they could play an important role in shaping history. Her legacy inspired future generations of women to pursue leadership roles and to challenge traditional gender roles.

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