15 Dec 2022

Importance of sports

Sports are very important in life. Sport's helps to build physical as well as mental development of health . It improves overall personality of a person. If we look the personality of a sportsperson that is very good . Because the person is very fit mentally as well as physically .

Advantages of sports

1. Personality : As discussed it develop overall personality of a person.
2. Skills : through participation in sports a person can develop some really good skills ,can gain and bosst up his/her confidence.
3. Leadership : Leadership quality can be easily developed through sports.
4. Discipline : Discipline is very one of the very important quality of a sportsperson . A well disciplined sportsperson is deadly.
5. Teamwork : The one who plays any sports knows the importance of teamwork . In any sport of more than one person a full team plays the game there is not only construction of a one player there is contribution of whole team . Not only single player wins the matches the whole team wins the matches.
6. Reduces stress level : if i talk about myself playing cricket reduces stress in me .
7. Happiness : The most important thing is happiness,any sport which we are playing give happiness and inner peace and a type of satisfaction .
8. Money : Also if your good in a particular sport and want to choose it as a profession it is also a good choice, yoy can make good money if you are playing good.
9. Health : with playing sport we can fight and get of many diseases and can have a good for heart, lungs etc.
10. Sleep : A proper and good sleep is very important for us . If we are playing any sport i can confidently say that he or she is having a good sleep ifthey plays and sport .

So here were some benefits or advantage of playing a sport, if you are not playing any sports, get up and start playing which sport you want to play .
See after playing it gives satisfaction.


Sports wether they are team or individual sports are great. Enabling you to stay fit, build and develop skills, enable you to focus and are a stress reliever by clearing your mind and concentrating on the task at hand. I even enjoy watching sports although probably doesn’t deliver all of the same benefits. 🤔