Strong relationship

29 Oct 2022

Every person born comes with a big 'maal' called 'natan' along with birth or nala. A garland in which beads called 'Nate' are strung one after the other. These pearls are then entwined into a beautiful marriage. This web of relationships is woven around all of us unconsciously and grows stronger with every relationship we meet. Sometimes she gets close, even personal, giving each relationship a name, and sometimes she acts like a 'stranger'. No matter whether the relationship comes with birth or is created through association or environment, there is a distinction between own and foreign!
In fact, a person is born as someone's son, someone's daughter, someone's brother, someone's sister, someone's grandson! His first acquaintance with the web of relationships is that here and there the many new relationships he meets on his travels enrich and beautify that web.
Like a thread of silk, this weave is at once delicate and strong, soft and sharp. This multi-colored marriage unfolds in front of us one by one layers of relationships separately. The memories of relationships sometimes bring tears to the eyes, and sometimes the relationships are preserved in the heart with that memory forever!

Every mother continues to make a child even after birth. While doing this, she continues her work, sometimes drawing the colors gently with the brush and sometimes harshly incising the chisel. Even though we are made by mother's making, she remains a mystery to us forever. Sometimes it is a warm shawl for us, sometimes it is a strong shield, a beautiful walk of childhood. We are introduced to this world after mother gives birth. Everyone has to try hard to preserve their humanity in this ocean called 'world'. In order to make the life of the child a little less difficult, an attempt is made to cross the ocean holding the bear named 'Bap'. But for that, a bridge called 'dialogue' has to be built, then through this dialogue the father's being a father is clearly felt. One does not know when the child who comes to the hand through the veils of Maya and Vatsalya grows up and starts to fly with its wings spread; But when his leap begins to cross the seven seas, the pain of broken relationship becomes unbearable once again. How and when will the children know the sadness of the parents wearing the mask of happiness? The unfolding of the life of parents is never known for children! But in this cosmic world, we are becoming children, but what can parents do other than stand by their children and keep their hands raised for blessings? Everyone knows the story of the tears falling from the mother's eyes; But if the mask of responsibility is removed from the face of the man called 'Father', there are tears behind it. They are only hidden behind the mask of responsibility or wiped away by his own throat, but this much is true! Dating is a mutual process. It has to start from both. Only if this happens, the relationship will be reconciled, otherwise many links will be lost from the relationship. 

Friendship' is one such relationship. While maintaining this very fluid relationship, both of them have to have the same dream at the same time, only then it is an indisputable fact that the relationship becomes 'Eternal and Infinite, New and Innovative Creation'! A feeling like friendship is so subtle and fluid that is why it is said, 'Friendship is never seen even if it appears in front of you'. Many such relationships are necessary to live, for that a well-wisher, a guide, a guru is needed! In Indian tradition, after learning from the Guru, the disciple has to give Gurudakshina and the Guru has to give him Kanmantra. Which teaches you how to overcome the situation during the next test. Neighboring religion is also one such relationship. A thread of neighborliness, if joined, crosses the limits of affection, and if broken, crosses the limits of enmity. There are some relationships that linger around us in the family environment, that even if we forget them, they are not forgotten. One such relationship is with "grandmother". The grandmother who used to tell a new story every day while sleeping now has to be remembered only. The feet automatically turn to the old age home to find her. Such incidents then make the heart sad. This journey of relationships that started from birth! When the moments of youth end and one starts moving towards old age, one has to look back. In fact it is inevitable. Looking back, the journey till date comes across in a different light. The former masks fall away, all ego, shame, dignity are shed and a clear, pure mind emerges and we accept all things, because we never know when we will have to cross the threshold into the world beyond. It is the law of nature that even if a ripe leaf falls, a new leaf will emerge, who is going to escape from this? This eternal truth has to be accepted and then this journey of relationships that started from birth stops at a decisive threshold and an integral relationship is formed, which goes beyond all relationships! What is the horizon of words; But words will not be enough. Although this is the rush of something escaping from our hands, in the same end there is also a beginning, which takes us forward! The bond of relations is like that, holding tight!

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Building strong relationship is one of the most important stuffs to do in life. The right people you meet can change your life forever
elationship is formed, which goes beyond all relationships! What is the horizon of words; But words will not be enough. Although this is the rush of something escaping from our hands, in the same end there is also a beginning, which takes us forward! The bond of relations is like that, holding tight!
Relationship plays a very important role in ones life. We should maintain a good relationship with our family and friends