12 Mar 2024


Friends, Memecoin is hinting at a drop again🤑
They made a new post-rebus on their Twitter, it seems that tomorrow we will have cool news, and maybe the drop itself..
And now for the dumb ones why meme will fly. I already threw in the theory that Binance bought back tokens, bought back nft, and yesterday to drain the extra passengers they made a 50% drain to liquidate the extra passengers even with 2 leverage. My take was that they could steak their locked tokens and dump them, but before that they'd dump the price. And what a fucking miracle that meme land write that the longer you steak, the more rewards you get.


If you complete all missions you receive 3077 MEME tokens(~140$)

This very good, but:

  • token auto-staked
  • unstake cost 30$(50-60 gwei), 70$(90-100 gwei)
  • withdraw to exchange from ETH mainnet 10-15$
  • past task with deposit meme(7-10$)

Sum: ~90$ profit
I think this very good result, but we not spend a lot of time for quests and have good opportuinity to get new token "Stake", maybe this not token.
Also i think token $MEME can grow to 0.069$/0.080$ ATH, and ours 3077 tokens, this be 200+$ reward.

congrats all farmers.

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