Fake Lagos driver robs passengers of N1.2m valuables

31 Aug 2022

A 39-year-old man named Charles Inibu has been charged with impersonating a commercial driver in order to defraud unwary passengers of their belongings in the Victoria Island region of the state. The case was brought before a Lagos Magistrate Court in Yaba, Lagos State.

The defendant was accused of two offenses that bordered on robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery in front of Chief Magistrate P.E. Nwaka.

Inibu allegedly pretended to be a commercial bus driver at the time of the event at Lagos' Victoria Island in order to get passengers into his bus, according to the prosecution, which was led by Sgt. Juliana.
However, Inibu and other fugitive individuals robbed the victims of their possessions.
That you, Charles Inibu, and other people who are still at large committed the offenses between July 31, 2022, and August

That you, Charles Inibu, and other people who remain at large pretended to be legitimate commercial bus drivers on the same date and in the same location in the aforementioned magisterial district, and as a result, you stole the belongings of defenseless passengers.

Inibu and his eluding accomplices, according to the prosecution, stole nine passengers' phones, with the total worth of the stolen goods coming to N1,231,000.

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