Mountaineering experience

19 Oct 2022
School was going to be on vacation. Ishaan was thinking, how to spend this holiday? He was bored playing video games. One could play cricket, football and badminton with friends every day. Moreover, he did not enjoy reading the same exciting stories.

Ishaan started thinking, this time, something new should be done during the vacation. Something must be done, that all boredom will disappear; But even after thinking a lot, he could not find a suitable option to spend his vacation.. Then an incident happened that gave him relief. He received an e-mail on his computer from the North Kashi Mountaineering Association. The same was also sent to Ishaan's friends. A mountaineering organization had sent him an invitation to participate in one of its expeditions.

Actually Ishaan had a special hobby of climbing. Climbing was no longer his hobby, but his obsession. He had already joined a famous mountaineering institute in his city and through excellent training he understood many nuances of mountaineering. Many of his friends were also learning mountaineering at the same institute and he participated in many training programs on the mountain with Ishaan.

The climbing experience was really exciting. High mountains touching the sky, huge rocks, green valleys and fast flowing streams Mountain rivers of clear water were feeding Ishaan and his companions. Whenever they got the chance, they would go hiking with the necessary equipment and a bag of stuff.

Ishaan was very happy after reading the message from North Kashi Mountaineering Association. He immediately informed about this invitation to his friends Dhariya, Prashant, Aman and Sakhm. All friends were very happy. It was as if they were waiting to go to the mountains on vacation. He had prepared to go to the hill before the school holiday. continue

All the friends reached North Kashi from Rishikesh by taxi as soon as the school vacation started. He was very excited to see the high mountains on the way.

Ishaan and his friends were very excited to meet their fellow climbers. All the friends decided to go to Gangotri from North Kashi with the help of Mountaineering.
The climb began Living on a high hill was not an easy task After many hours of hard and tiring climb they finally reached Gangotri Ishan and his companions were very excited to reach Gangotri and forgot all their fatigue but what they saw after reaching Gangotri was a house of Kaljala. It was a harrowing scene. Clouds from the hills burst suddenly and raged on Gangotri. The dangerous flow of water destroyed not only the temple premises, but also shops, hotels and dharamshalas. Many houses and guest houses were washed away with the swift current of the river. The river had assumed a red form.

People burst into tears as they lost their loved ones in the ordeal. Many pilgrims were trapped at various places due to landslides. That poor man had set out to travel to Chardham; But here they had to lose everything. When Ishaan and his companions saw all this on the hill, they felt goosebumps and lost all enthusiasm for climbing. Ishaan and his companions could not watch this situation silently.

Suddenly, Ishaan saw a starving boy asking his father for biscuits. When the father asked the shopkeeper for the price of a biscuit, he said, "A packet of biscuits is available for one hundred rupees and a bottle of water for two hundred rupees".

Another hotel owner was charging two thousand rupees for a plate of food. Ishaan and his companions were shocked to see this arbitrariness of the shopkeepers. He protested and said to the shopkeeper, "Uncle, this is straight looting. How can a biscuit that costs five rupees cost one hundred rupees and a bottle of water for fifteen rupees costs two hundred rupees?"

Ishaan and his companions remained silent. He helped pilgrims in distress and administered first aid to injured pilgrims. They bandaged and administered medicines, helped to search for the lost pilgrims and gave the hungry children the fruits, biscuits and bottles of water they had brought with them.

It was evening and Ishaan was very hungry. His companions were also hungry. Feeling the need of rest, when he saw a hotel-like house on the hillside, he went to the owner with great hope and said, "Uncle, can you give us some food to eat and a room to stay for the night?"

"Yes, but you have to pay ten thousand for food and fifteen thousand for room," said the shopkeeper somewhat rudely.

Hearing that, Ishaan said, "But uncle, this price of food and room rent is very high. " "Son, this price is nothing to save life. Just think, if when you are hungry you don't get food and have to sleep under the open sky all night.

If so, what will happen to you?"

Suddenly there was a loud noise. Ishaan and his companions were discussing among themselves, suddenly a house on the hill collapsed with a loud noise. All were pressed into the fallen house.

Ishaan and his companions forgot everything and started working. The people living in the house were stuck in a cedar tree. Ishaan had a good experience of such situations. He had received special training at a mountaineering institute to rescue people who had fallen from a mountain. He descended with the help of a thick and strong rope and pulled out all those trapped.

Ishaan and his companions had to spend that night on the mountain. They had brought a nylon tent with them. Any of them in that modern tentNo inconvenience. The army got the information about the accident on the hill and the air force helicopter started a 'rescue operation'.

In the morning, Ishaan and his friends collected wood from the nearby forest and set it on fire. It made a lot of smoke. This was a signal for an Air Force helicopter. Coincidentally, a helicopter saw the smoke and came down and started hovering over the hill. The Air Force personnel saw the pilgrims, Ishaan and his companions, stranded on the hill. Ishaan and his companions used the air force to transport the pilgrims to the helicopter Helped the soldiers.

An Air Force helicopter airlifted everyone to safety. When the Air Force officers came to know about the bravery of Ishaan and his comrades, they praised them all. Not only this, he also recommended to the President that these children should be awarded Veerpadak.

There, Ishaan and his companions were overjoyed when they reached home safely after the mishap on the hill. This experience of mountain climbing was a memorable experience for him.

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I also experienced mountaineering on vacation.