Bitcoin Price Today: BTC Drops Under $60,000 As Iran-Israel Conflict Escalates, What’s Next?

19 Apr 2024

Despite the impending Bitcoin halving supply shock, pessimism surrounds BTC price, with major institutions like JPMorgan anticipating a forthcoming downward trend.


  • Bitcoin price fumbles under $60,000 again after Israel's alleged attack on Iran.
  • The escalating geopolitical tensions create a risk-off sentiment and money moves into bond, Gold, and USD.
  • Bitcoin halving event already priced in says banking giant JPMorgan.

Geopolitical tensions stemming from the Israel-Iran conflict show no signs of abating. Recent reports of Israel’s renewed attacks on Iran have once again pushed the Bitcoin price below $60,000 over the past 48 hours.

The Escalating Israel-Iran conflict

According to a U.S. official speaking to ABC News, Israeli missiles have struck a location in Iran. The official, however, did not provide confirmation regarding potential strikes on sites in Syria and Iraq. Reports from Iran’s FARS news agency suggest an explosion was heard in the city of Ghahjaworstan, situated northwest of Isfahan. The cause of this explosion remains uncertain at this time.
Speculation surrounding explosions in Iran, Iraq, and Syria spurred investors to seek refuge in traditional safe-haven assets like bonds, gold, and the dollar. Meanwhile, speculative investments, including stocks and cryptocurrencies, faced escalating losses.

Bitcoin Price Sees Strong Volatility Before Halving

We are now just a day away from the Bitcoin halving event and the BTC price continued to show strong volatility. Even after today’s dip under $60,000, the BTC price has recovered quickly to $61,862 as of press time.
The ongoing geopolitical concerns have overshadowed the Bitcoin halving expected later on Friday, which will introduce a new supply shock in the market.
Historically, halvings have often propelled the price of the leading digital asset upward. However, this time, Bitcoin reached a record high in mid-March before the event, prompting speculation about whether traders have already factored in the expected impact.
The ongoing conflict between Israel and Iran has the potential to instigate a broader risk-off sentiment in the cryptocurrency market. On the other hand, banking giant JPMorgan stated that the halving event is already priced in at the moment. JPMorgan believes that the market is still in the overbought condition and that the Bitcoin price could see a downward trend post the halving event.
It also pointed out that the Bitcoin mining companies would face the biggest impact of the halving event. “As unprofitable bitcoin miners exit the bitcoin network, we anticipate a significant drop in the hashrate and consolidation among bitcoin miners with the highest share for publicly-listed bitcoin miners,” analysts led by Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou wrote.

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