Post credit Scenes in Doctor strange MOM

1 Jul 2022

Doctor strange Multiverse or madness has 2 post credit scenes , let's talk on this.
 A strange character appears and call him  Doctor strange from behinds who is walking in the street and suddenly she drag her knife and she then drag that knife in air and an portals opens and it shows us the dark dimensions. Let's breakdown it.
First of all, the character appeared there is Clea . She is also supreme sorcerer in dark dimensions and she is neice of great powerful and ruler of dark dimensions Dormammu. She came to inform Doctor strange that Incursion has been already caused by him so that they need to fix it and she said she will help doctor strange to fix it.And they entered the dark dimensions. Doctor strange and Clea after sometime will eventually fall in love in marvel comics later.

Second post credit scenes was just to show that the film has actually ended and in funniest way possible. I think pizza seller who was tricked by doctor strange in Illuminati universe gto free his normal form after about three weeks. In this scene he got free and said the magic is over but actually films also over.

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