Syntropy October Monthly Update: From Whitepaper Release to WebRTC Advancements

4 Nov 2023

November 3, 2023 #Monthly Updates

As autumn draws to a close, it’s time to look back at the significant updates, announcements, and events that drove Syntropy’s outstanding October. While the release of the Data Layer Whitepaper made the most waves, there were a slew of other happenings that showed real progress in bringing Syntropy’s vision of decentralized real-time blockchain data access to life.
From insightful Twitter Space collabs to transparency with the Open Syntropy Initiative, here’s everything that went down this past month.

Major topics include:

  • Syntropy Whitepaper Unveiled
  • The Data Layer and WebRTC 
  • Jonas Talks On-Chain Security
  • Mikas on Securely Founded
  • More OSI News and Updates

The Syntropy Whitepaper: A Blueprint for Decentralized Data Access

The long-awaited Data Layer Whitepaper finally landed in October, creating a ton of buzz and momentum both within the Syntropy community and beyond. Syntropy’s CTO Jonas Simanavicius laid out the key points and main tenets of the whitepaper in his blog post, from the motivation behind creating the Data Layer to the technology and incentives behind its everyday operations.

Read the full announcement here.

The whitepaper serves as a foundational document for Syntropy, detailing our commitment to democratize blockchain data access across multiple sectors. It introduces innovative elements like decentralized Brokers and Observers that pave the way for peer-to-peer data exchanges, making our vision for a decentralized data economy increasingly tangible.

WebRTC: Syntropy's Key to a Decentralized Browser Experience

Read the full blog on WebRTC here.

Browser decentralization is a long-standing hurdle to Web3 adoption. In another blog, The Missing Piece of Decentralization, Jonas discusses how WebRTC technology could be that missing link. He dives into challenges of current browser protocols – from DNS centralization to certificate authorities – exploring how WebRTC offers a decentralized alternative for secure, peer-to-peer communications.
And by integrating WebRTC with the Data Layer, Syntropy is paving the way for a new era of backend-less, decentralized applications. The WebRTC protocol allows for dynamic, user-generated content in 'live' decentralized platforms, effectively making Web3 applications as user-friendly and feature-rich as their Web2 counterparts.

Decoding Blockchain Security: Jonas Explores On-Chain Monitoring

Tune into the Twitter Spaces here.
October also saw Syntropy hosting a Twitter Space, as Jonas joined forces with Lossless Defi and their CTO Domantas Pelaitis to discuss the crucial role of on-chain monitoring and the Data Layer in combating fraud. The session shed light on how Web3 technologies can serve as powerful tools in ensuring transactional integrity and security within the blockchain ecosystem.
The two dove deep into the mechanics of on-chain monitoring and how it complements Syntropy's Data Layer. Attendees walked away with invaluable insights on utilizing these technologies to fortify decentralized systems against fraudulent activities. The collaboration marked another important step in Syntropy's commitment to building a safer, more secure decentralized data economy.

Twitter Space: Mikas Talks Real-World Applications with Lossless

Tune into the Twitter Spaces here.
This month also featured our very own head of product Mikas Stankevičius on the inaugural episode of "SecurelyFounded” a Twitter Space series hosted by Lossless. It was an in-depth conversation about DeFi, Web3, and the massive potential to onboard the next billion users securely into the blockchain space.
The discussion emphasized the role of Syntropy's multi-chain data availability layer as a cornerstone for decentralized, real-time access to on-chain data. Mikas painted a bright picture of how Syntropy will be a catalyst in providing scalable and secure solutions live data solutions that can propel the blockchain industry into mainstream adoption

OSI in October: From Self-Service Portals to Multi-Chain Support

It was also another big month for the Open Syntropy Initiative (OSI), as the team shared a wide array of updates and developments showcasing the Data Layer. From providing seamless self-service capabilities through the Publisher Portal, to Broker node registration on-chain, OSI made memorable waves in October.

If October was any indication, Syntropy’s massive momentum will continue through November and the Holiday Season. From the Whitepaper launch to dynamic Twitter Space collaborations, October was an exceptional month in advancing our decentralized data accessibility agenda. And it’s only just the beginning, so stay tuned for more events, announcements and developments right around the corner.
If you have questions, insights, or just want to chat, don't hesitate to reach out. Our community managers are always around on Telegram and Discord, and they genuinely enjoy hearing from you. Your feedback not only helps us improve but also fuels our mission. Thanks for being a critical part of our journey towards democratizing blockchain data access for all.

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