🪂 $NGL Airdrop Confirmed - 0$ Investment

9 Feb 2024

💸 Incentivised Testnet (Last Phase Before #Mainnet)

💎 Hidden Gem For You - 8Min Work

🧵👇 Full Guide


🪂Interact with Entangle Testnet and be eligible for future Airdrops:

📌Head over to the link: https://test.entangle.fi 

🔶Connect your wallet.

🔶Check the screenshot below to add Entangle Network in Metamask.

🔶It will automatically redirect you to the Metamask extension


📌Claim Testnet faucet:

🟨Head over to https://test.entangle.fi/faucet. 

🔶Click on "Claim Testnet Tokens."

🔶After claiming Testnet tokens, click on "Add" to add LP on your Metamask so that it will show up.


📌Add funds on Liquid Vaults:

🟨Head over to the link: https://test.entangle.fi/stake/pancakeswap/NGL/entangle. 

🔶Enter the amount. 🔶Approve the transaction in your wallet.

🔶After that, click on "Stake" to LP tokens.

🔶Click on the "Add" button on the right corner to view LSD tokens in your Metamask


📌Delegate some funds:

🟨Head over to the link: https://test.entangle.fi/delegate.

🔶Delegate some $NGL tokens to any validator.

🔶Undelegate some funds too.

🚨Remember, more interaction equals a greater chance of getting more rewards.


🎁Participate in Entangle Zealy campaign:

🟨Head over to the link: http://tinyurl.com/4h4shapd.

🔶Complete all of the following social media tasks and earn XP points, which can be converted into greater rewards.


🎁Participate in Entangle Galxe campaign:

🟨Head over to the link: https://galxe.com/entangleprotocol

🔶Complete all of the following social media tasks and Collect OAT and Points for Future Benefits

📌Check Out their Social Media Links for More Information: 🔗Website: https://entangle.fi 🔗Discord: https://discord.gg/entanglefi (Join and Take Role if Available) 🔗Twitter: @Entanglefi DONE!!!

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