Rules to Survive the Bear Market

8 Jul 2022

We might just be in the worst bear market since the 2018 BTC crash. People are going to be affected psychologically as their funds will be depreciated severely and people will lose a lot of money. In my opinion, bear markets are there to test your character, resoluteness, and technical abilities. The most basic thing to do is to survive the market, Along the way, I will be sharing everyday tips to survive the bloodbath cycle of the market.

First tip:
STAY CALM AND ASSESS YOUR OPTIONS: Whether you see the bear market as an opportunity to buy the dip or find falling crypto prices a bit too stressful to handle, always try to keep your calm and assess the situation objectively. 
Emotional decisions are the ones that you will most likely regret down the road — especially if you’re trading. Start by asking yourself why you are invested in crypto in the first place. Is it for long term success or to earn quick bucks?. If you can answer those questions truthfully to yourself, you will have no problems making logical decisions.

That's it for now. See you in the next post

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Great article once again, keep it up
brst og
nice project
This is necessarry for people to learn. Bear market is where emotions run high and logical decisions run low