Time Travel: Via Warm Hole - Part 6

2 Aug 2022

Time Travel: Via Warm Hole
In simple mathematics, space is a sheet-like expansion, but in Einstein's 'Theory of Relativity' space-time is bent or 'curved' rather than an extended expansion. Think of it in such a way that if the sheet is of any metal like tin, then it can be folded like tongs in which both the arms of the tongs appear parallel to each other. Actually, this bend or curvature is the geometry of space-time. Newton has given this curvature the name of gravity.
However, in Einstein's twisted space-time, two parallel lines start coming closer to each other. In such a situation, a shortcut can be created between two points on the hands of the bent tongs of space-time, i.e. a point on one arm of the tongs, assuming this point is past. If there is a second point on the other arm, suppose that this point is the future, then a tunnel-like structure becomes a shortcut in the space between the two. Through this tunnel it is possible to travel between points on either arm of the tongs.
The tunnel-like structure has been named a 'warm hole' in relativity, also known as the Einstein-Rosen Bridge. We can consider the future or the past between two points between which travel is possible on different arms from the 'warm hole'. Obviously time travel is possible through 'warm holes' but this is just a theory which is not physically easy.

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I am following you because of good artical.
Two physicists have claimed possible travel through a wormhole, which was conceptualized by Einstein 85 years ago. You must have seen such a scene in science fantasy movies in which people move easily from one place to a far away place after forming a sphere. Many people, even many scientists, feel that long distance space travel through and through time is not impossible. There is also a mention of such warm holes in the stories which are capable of completing long distance journeys in the universe in a pinch.
Warmhole are morely shown in marvel movies but with simpler explanation. Mainly the gaurdians of galaxy members and often Thor , we see they are using warmholes. As you explained ,things just happened in that way but to see in film ,it makes more exicted to watch.
If seen from a scientific point of view, time travel is possible. If seen, we are all traveling in time. We are all moving from the past to the present and moving towards the future and this is called time travel.