15 Nov 2022

Here is part 1 of my description of my favourite movie. Please visit that page and read Part 1 of my favourite movie if you haven't already. I only gave a partial description of my all-time favourite movie. I'll continue by sharing my final experience with or anecdote regarding my favourite movie. KGF is my all-time favourite movie, as I mentioned in part one. I described everything that happened to me and what I observed in the KGF movie trailer. I saw KGF movie chapter 1.

On that day, everything was finished. My friend and I had a great time. Concerning the impending chapter 2, we have a lot of curiosity. The public's enthusiasm for this film is fantastic. I don't think everyone is going to support this movie. After a few days, officials declared that KGF movie chapter 2 would be released in 2021. We are all pleased to hear this news. that is just amazing. After a few days, our friends continued their discussion of chapters one and two of KGF. My pals and I talk about what will occur in chapter two. The first segment of the KGF film is astounding. We desired this for chapter two. 2020 is approaching. But a very serious scenario has arisen. Its designation is COVID-19. In that year, COVID-19 will debut. You are all aware about COVID 19. We are all quite frustrated because of that covid. At the end of March, COVID enters our lives. We are quite reserved in the early stages of COVID because we don't fully understand this issue. This is an extremely horrible scenario in every aspect of life. Many people lose their employment as a result. Many people lose their family during this time. One person loses their mother, one person loses their mother's friends, one person loses their sister, one person loses their brother, and other people lose their close friends. This circumstance was brought about by China. We are immensely appreciative of our. We are really grateful to God for allowing our nation to maintain its strength throughout this time. Our nation provides assistance to numerous nations in need of medical care. We are quite proud of the care that our doctors provide. Everybody who needs help receives assistance from a large number of people. This assistance can come in the form of food, medical care, or transportation. Under this situation, our nation is in many different conditions. But despite everything, our nation remains strong. 

All of those factors led to the closure of movie theatres in our nation. People are tense about leaving their homes. This issue has existed for two years. All theatres close after 1.5 years. However, some theatres open before the six-month mark with only 50% of the seats filled. Many movie filmmakers stop producing their own films as a result. Chapter 2 of our KGF movie will be released when everything is in order, just as the director of the same KGF movie decided. Everyone who watched KGF movie character one found that news to be really startling. All KGF movie fans were furious. However, our only choice is to accept it. A few days have gone. This is going to be a typical situation. Many states and towns gradually implemented severe laws and restrictions for all modes of transportation. The year 2022 has arrived, and news of KGF chapter two has also arrived from official sources. The KGF movie chapter two release date has been officially revealed for April 2022. After listening to this news, we discovered the answer to our curiosity. We're thrilled about it. Personally, I'm thrilled since I won't be able to watch another movie quite like I did the first KGF chapter movie. I was therefore quite eager to see this film. Once more, some time has gone. Chapter 2's official trailer will be released one day. We all saw this trailer with our buddies and were shocked by how superior it is to chapter one. Watching this teaser has confirmed the outcome of chapter two of the KGF film. This movie will break his own previous records, which is indication that it will once more rock. I am quite eager to see this movie now that I have seen the trailer. Some days pass before the day arrives. The second chapter's publication date had arrived. We reserved seats for chapter two. This time, everyone has left at the same moment as us. The previous time, some friends went early to see this movie's chapter one, and some friends went later to see the film. This time, we left at once as a group. As we walked inside the theatre, we could see how popular this film was. Comparing chapter one to chapter two, this obsession doubled. We entered the display. the movie began, and we thoroughly enjoyed watching it from beginning to end. This movie is excellent. I cannot watch this movie. Many records set by older films are broken by this film. My favourite movie experience is thus this one. Thank you very much! 


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