Strategic Thinking for Entrepreneurs.

19 Jun 2022


Strategic thinking is equal parts science and art. To genuinely thrive, you must learn to set aside some time to engage in strategic thinking regularly. Most outstanding entrepreneurs are mind-blowing strategists.

Here are some of the skills practiced by great strategists:  
1. They envision big ideas and then implement them using strategic thinking.

2. They take a break from the stresses of 9-to-5 work. All excellent strategists practice this. They simply go to a peaceful place — a weekend retreat is ideal, but a day or even an afternoon would suffice — and sit with their thinking cap.

3. True strategists are aware of everything occurring in their environment. Certain hints, subtle or otherwise, in all business issues alert people who observe them to the possible routes the concern can go. As excellent strategists assimilate this information, they can better construct their ideas whenever inspiration strikes, be it during a vacation, a morning walk, or after their first cup of coffee. Their capacity to identify and make connections serves them well.

4. They constantly refine their strategies. Great strategists ensure that their brilliant idea is not a pipe dream. They are constantly checking to ensure their ideas are sound and can withstand the world's issues and changes. Your strategies must be regularly revised and refined.

5. They utilize past experiences to inform future decisions.

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6. They work with teams. No matter how good or competent they think they are, they do not rely solely on themselves to get work done. They collaborate with reputable people as sounding boards for their ideas. "Two heads are better than one" is more applicable to strategic thinking than "too many cooks ruin the broth."

In conclusion, as its name suggests, strategic thinking is not about making a quick buck but about understanding the big picture and planning for the coming years. The initial results may not be stunning, but strategic thinking pays off long-term. It takes time to establish, refine, and rewrite strategies, just as it takes time to produce, refine, and revise masterpieces.

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This article has helped me a lot
I love what you've mentioned under point #3. I find that I've sourced most of my creative ideas from the time I spend doing 'nothing' when having a morning coffee or going for a walk. These moments of 'down time' are crucial to generating ideas. Thanks for sharing!!
thank for this information
taking the time out to think and recharge enables effective decisions and strategic thinking