How Thanos uses Stones Separately ??

11 Jul 2022

Thanos is almost one of the most powerful villian apperaing in marvel cinematic universe and marvel comics both. We have seen searching for infinity stones so that he wipe out the half of the population and create balances in universe. We have seen destroying planets, wiping half of planet live's . With infinity gaunlet , he is almost invincilbe and undefeatable. With mind stones , he gets idea of how to use other stones and their effective ways.

Let's talk about stone and their major details and how these stones were separetly used by Thanos for some specific purpose.
1) Space stones : It helps to travel across any places, planets. 
(Thanos used this stone to come Wakanda from planet Titan)
2) Mind stones : It helps to control mind of other living form.
3) Reality stones : It  helps to create and change the existing reality.
(Thanos used this stone to change reality of Drax , Mantis and gun during attack in his home by Starload and Guardinas of Galaxy members)

4) Power stone: It gives extreme powerful blasts and energy.
(Thanos absorbs the power of planet and throw it aganist aganist Iron Man during Titan planet battle)

5) Time stone : It helps to manipulate timeline .
(Thanos used it to revert timeline to get Vision back so he could actaully get mind stone destroyed by Wanda)
6) Soul stone :  helps to control and manipulate soul of persons. 
(Thanos used it to find the real form of Doctor strange when he show him his multiple existence during Titan battle)

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