Crazy, the little things love do to you.

12 Aug 2022

It is indeed crazy the little things that love does to you. I sang a lot in the choir as a kid. Growing up in a home where I enjoyed every bit of old-school music, ranging from boy bands like Westlife, boyz II men, Whitney Houston, and Usher, amongst others. I guess I had a fair knowledge of what love was, seeing the way my dad looked into my mom's eyes, hearing the Lyrics of Elton John and prime Beyonce'. I wanted to know what love was, I wanted that feeling so bad

but I was wrong, nobody told me that some people don't feel the same. It was during my first heartbreak, I couldn't get over her for two years, it was then I wrote this poem. so I wrote a letter to my head.  I look back and realize, that my writing career was based on a love that I never found,

Hello head
We need to talk
I'm not the boy you thought I was
I plead, have faith in me

I realize the path I tread
Is the valley of the shadow of pain
I feel your eyes glaring when I re read our messages
I just can't stop, how can I make you understand?

Judge me if you want
Hate me if you can
I can't away, I just can't
Cause I want her


Anny has always been my alter ego when it comes to emotions and feelings. Get used to him, you'll be seeing him often!

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They're the best feelings
Love can ruin someone as Love itself is beauty
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