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2 Nov 2022

Even if you start crying in front of him, he doesn't like it at all. then Even a straight meal is left half way. Moreover, lately I can't go to parties with him or give parties at home because of Ishaan, so he feels Ishaan's hindrance. The party was the foundation of his marketing. What if Neeraj and I had felt the same way about uncle? We were both young when our father passed away suddenly due to a heart attack. Mother did not have a job and again suffered from intermittent asthma. There was no one else in the house to take care of both of us. When our uncle saw all this situation, he took us straight to his house and said to the aunt, "These three will stay here from today. Both will learn with their daughters." Kaki didn't say a single word about it. From that time we became an integral part of uncle's house. If the mother was well, she would help the aunt, otherwise she would stay in bed for days and days. Yet aunt never grumbled.

 We were given what was available. They were not doing anything different for us. But as much as we did, our lives were buried. Today I am on my own She is standing only because of them! And whatever success Neeraj has in life is also due to his grace! What else would we have done? Our life would have wandered somewhere! And now the same time has come for Ishaan. But I can't do anything right for him. In fact our financial situation is better than that of uncle. Moreover, the uncle was responsible for the education and marriage of his two daughters. I added more to it. On the contrary, we were also thinking that Isha should have a sibling. As Isha grew up, I really wanted to see her childhood again. I didn't understand what this inner pull was. But again that sparrow stepped, the gossip seemed to rise again in the house. At such a time, Ishaan has come to our house. After hugging him, everything was forgotten. But others in the house do not want his existence. Everyone tries to avoid him. Why should this happen? Are the relationship contracts also changing according to the situation? The former love for each other has been replaced by only selfishness. I bring I have no place for duty in this circle. When my mother was told that the situation had changed, she would get very angry and she would say angrily, " "What exactly do you mean by the situation that has changed? The natural situation has not changed at all. Moon and Sun rise on time. The cuckoo sings only in spring. All the seasons make their appearance on time. It's just going back and forth." "Oh, I didn't mean about the natural situation! Doesn't the social situation seem to have changed?' "The reason for changing it is because your mindset is changing, it is the result! The customs that used to make man have been replaced by things that are not wanted. Because of this, the values in life have been reversed. And the result is that the details of behavior are changing. That is why your brother did not care about us for his own happiness. As a reward for his uncle's favor, his mouth was slapped with black." Mother's anger finally comes to an end with Neeraj's marriage. Because uncle had no son They both have daughters! Then the mother wanted Neeraj to come forward and do everything under the responsibility of the child. If Neeraj had been able to support her uncles and aunts in their old age, she would have had the satisfaction of repaying their kindness. But his marriage shattered all her expectations. Mother herself did not like his marriage, but rather she took pains that he should hurt his uncles and aunts. Even when uncle and aunt went to their daughters, she did not leave her house and go to Niraj. Not only this, she did not take the last darshan of Neeraj and Eena. What if the mother had twisted her stubborn nature a little? But as Viraj says, there is no point in getting stuck in this vortex. So much of life's meaning is lost by getting caught up in these necessary bonds, and when we realize it, there is nothing we can do about it. What if Viraj had turned out the way I felt at the time of marriage? Again, this is a bit odd. But really how different were my ideas about Viraj at the time of Lagna. I was overwhelmed by his behavior at that time. Even today I am fascinated by that Viraj from eleven years ago. How sensible it seemed to me at that time! Because he made a demand on his own for a girl like me who had broken a once arranged marriage. All of us were shocked to see this. Until then, had received rejections from many places, because it was assumed that it was the girl's fault in breaking the arranged marriage. There was no hope of getting a lot of dowry from us. Still both my uncle and mother washed their hands and followed behind to arrange my marriage. As usual there was a rejection from one of the boys. But surprisingly, the friend of the boy who came with them came to our house the very next day. We all thought this rejection was coming. Uncle even said, "We have heard about your friend's death only yesterday. That's what you came for, right?" "No! I have come for myself. Despite his rejection, I like the girl. If you are ready, I am ready for marriage." 'Ready for marriage? Even knowing my background? why That's all about me What is the reason for sympathy?' I wanted to ask that boy. But uncle and mother would not like this, rather they would think I was presumptuous, so Mugh swallowed and remained silent. They are already very angry with me. 
He said that why should I tell every place that my marriage has broken! But I didn't agree with that. It was my insistence that you should say this, so they had to say it. It was because of my uncle's acquaintance that I got married. There was also a sugar rush. But the marriage did not happen. Because my intended husband secretly took his girlfriend and ran away to foreign. Now uncle had decided this, so the question of his prestige came. So no matter what you think, you want to show your nephew by getting married. The nephew was also good looking and had a good job. So they thought it would be a quick hit. But my broken marriage always haunted me. My cousin, seeing all this, used to say, "The truth is that the boy who breaks such a marriage should be prosecuted and the court should also give him a good prison sentence." "Ah, to that boy's parents 

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