Avenger Team (4/6)

11 Jun 2022

Originally ,there are six members in avengers including Thor , black Widow ,Iron Man, Captain America ,Hulk and Hawkeye. They have unique powers and team is really strongs and powerful and has saved Earth from many dangers and enemy.
The fourth member of this group is Thor. Thor is Asgardian god and son of Alfather Odin. Thor is extremely powerful and one of the most strongest avengers. He has superhealing ,stamina and powers. He is known as god of Thunder so it means he has control over thunder and lightening. To make his power limited and to use safely , Odin gave him the weapon Mlojnir. Mljonir helps him to fly and can control the flow of fire and summon extreme powerful storms and lightening. Since ,Mlojnir is magical weapon and due to enchanment ,only worthy can lift it.
Thor has his brother Loki. Thor is by assests is the richest avenger than anyone. He mainly uses Mlojnir and Strombreaker. 
As avenger teams are mainly dedicated by infinity stones , Thor is referred by the space stone.
Thor has fought many fights including Thanos Army ,chitauri army led by his brother Loki and almost killed Thanos and was invincible in Infinity war. He is referred as protector of Earth and 9 relams.
Thor apperances in MCU movies is First thor film in 2011 and then Thor:Dark World , Ragnarok and soon upcoming movies is Love and Thunder. Beside this , he is featured in Avengers assembled first movies to endgames as major character.

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