Brazilian Pupo takes out Maiden Victory at Teahupo’o

21 Aug 2022

Epic conditions over the Finsls day has seen Brazilian, Miguel Pupo take out his maiden Championship Tour victory over Tahitian Kuali Vaast at Teahupo’o.
Miguel, who has been on tour for 10 years, edged out Trials winner Kuali to take the title.
Kuali, a local at Teahupo’o, had to win through the trials, and beat many more experienced surfers, including Kelly Slater, who Kuali beat in the Semi finals to get a spot in the finals, while Miguel beat fellow Brazilian Caio Ibelli to get his spot in the final.

 In the Womens event - the first time it’s been run for many years, American Courtney Conlogue, edged out Hawaiian Brisa Hennessy, to take the title,

Thats it for the 2022 season proper, however the Top 5 men and Too 5 Women will go head to head in the coming weeks at Trestles in California, to see who gets the crown for World Champion for this year.

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